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  • - the direction of the survey.
Before performing any kind of diagnostic examination follow the diet for two weeks. The gastrointestinal tract should be as free from food. Consume liquid pureed porridge on the water, every morning and evening, do an enema with the help of these "douches". 36 hours before the test to completely refrain from eating for 6 hours – from the water.
If you have an x-ray examination, it is conducted after taking 400 mg of a mixture of barium. You give her to drink and a few hours will make the radiograph. This type of examination helps to make an accurate diagnosis of enteritis, obstruction, dyskinesia.
Endoscopic examination is the verification of the thin intestineand with the help of an endoscope, which is introduced through a video recorder the capsule. On the computer monitor fully displays the status of the mucous membranes of duodenum, jejunum and ileum. The doctor looks at the presence of lesions and their exact localization. The endoscope is not in all medical institutions, so the survey is assigned to all patients.
Ultrasound of the assigned brand to all patients. The survey helps to identify foreign bodies in the small intestine and to know its exact location relative to other organs located in the abdominal cavity. In obese patients this type of survey ineffective, so additionally prescribe other methods of diagnosis.
Barium enema is mainly used for accurate diagnosis of diseases of the duodenum. The patient is injected barium into the rectum by enema.
Fibroscopy performed using the fiberscope. The doctor, if necessary, takes on the analysis of the internal tissue for histologic examination, and can also stop bleeding if necessary.