Operator call center - what is the responsibility

The call center operators there are two directions - incoming and outgoing calls. Accordingly, duties can be divided into two groups. Answering incoming calls, the call centre operator should:

Advise callers on all issues. Search and offer optimal solutions of the problems encountered.
- provide complete caller information on the activities of the company, its services and promotions.

To place an order (in that case, if a company sells goods or services).

Work with reclamations (complaints of callers). To solve the problem yourself or forward the call to the appropriate Department.

To introduce a common base of information obtained through communication with people.

The call centre operator has to sit a lot, he finds it almost impossible to get out from behind the Desk. This should be considered when applying for a job for those who have back problems and spine. The disease can increase.

Making outbound calls, the call centre operator is obliged to:

- to develop a database, filling it with new phones with the indication of surname, name, patronymic of the person or company names;
- make calls on the existing database to report new information about the company, its promotions, discounts, change of conditions of cooperation, etc.;
- make calls to conduct surveys about the quality of services or goods provided by the company;
- generate customer base, if the call center operator in the company involves the functionality of the advertising Manager;
- save and organize the received information in a common database.

The call center operators are constantly required by the company, are suppliers of cellular communication, different network organizations, engaged in the sale of cosmetics, clothing, household items, etc.

Operator call-centre - tips for working

The call centre operator you need to have great patience. In order not to get irritated answering the same questions several times a day, have to divorce yourself from emotion. Remember that this is just a job. Strictly follow official instructions, trying to help the caller the person in process of forces and possibilities. Not disappointed due to the not very polite attitude of the opponent. You should always remain calm and remember that this is the only work you need to perform well, but to dwell on it.