If a person faringomikoza, an experienced doctor it will immediately make out during a routine examination of the oral cavity. The spikes that appear as a symptom, you can see quite clearly on the mucous membranes. The reason for their occurrence is the active proliferation of the epithelium with keratinization.

So how much trouble the man, as, for example, the same sore throat, faringomikoza does not deliver, and adults to the doctor rarely, the disease may progress and develop into chronic.

The reason faringomikoza in most cases becomes the antecedent unreasonable application of antibacterial drugs. In addition, it can go chronic tonsillitis. Also appears this fungus due to vitamin deficiency. Diagnosis is made on the basis of sampling from the throat.

How to treat faringomikoza

Treatment is primarily aimed at the destruction of the fungus parasite. It is known that all mycotic disease requires long-term treatment and quality of prevention to prevent recurrence. It is better to tune.

The easiest way of treatment – lubrication of the mucous membrane and the tonsils with a solution of iodine with glycerine. For this fit the usual "Lugol". In addition, it is worth gargling and washing the lacunae of tonsils 0.1% solution of chinosol. To perform this procedure need only 2 times a week.

Sometimes, if faringomikoza together diagnosed chronic tonsillitis, doctors decide to remove the tonsils. In advanced cases, the patient hospitalityat and treated in hospital.

Except for "solution" should be applied, and special therapy with antifungal drugs. What and how should prescribe the observing physician or mycologist. Because the drug is chosen on the basis of data analysis. The action of these drugs extends specifically to the fungus and aims at its complete destruction. Often, as practice shows, doctors prescribe fluconazole at a dosage depending on the severity of the condition. The ineffectiveness of treatment to replace it with another drug.

Irrigation and lubrication of the oral cavity, except the "solution" you can use "Miramistin", borax in glycerine, and other preservatives.

During exacerbation of the disease prescribe additional drug therapy for 1-2 weeks.

Prevention faringomikoza

Under favorable forecasts treatment faringomikoza takes about 2 weeks. But in this case, if the disease was detected early and has not had time to progressirovanii. In all other situations, especially if the disease is fat chronic, this term can increase significantly.

So better to worry about your health, and implement preventive measures that will allow either to avoid infection or significantly reduce the activity of the fungus.

So, profilakticheskih measures include the exclusion of incorrect antibiotics (they must appoint a physician on the basis of the results of the study), glucocorticoids. It is also recommended restorative therapy (adherence of the day, working, walking, good sleep, proper nutrition, etc.).