If you are going to make a phone call to Moldova, you should know the simple rules set and a telephone information relating to codes. International telephone code assigned to the state of Moldova, is a combination of three digits 373. Pre-check temporary time zones to Wake up was carried out in the correct time to talk. Decide which device you call with either a mobile phone or from a landline phone.
If you are calling from a landline phone, use the international access code or 8-10 8 and another number, which depends on the operator. After the number 8 be sure to listen to, whether a monotonous tone, and then dial the number 10. Remember that the interval set should not exceed 5 seconds. Then type the code of 373 Moldova, after which you need the area code and the subscriber's phone.
In most countries the access code for international calls are a combination of the two zeros. That is, first 0 is typed in, then wait for the beep, then again 0, country code, city code, subscriber's number. Check all the information about international telephone access codes from operators.
If you are calling from a mobile phone, you first need to dial the plus sign, then country code and cell phone number. It should be noted that the tone to expect after the plus sign is not necessary, immediately dial the country code. The number of cellular subscribers must indicate no 8 in the beginning.
In a special telephone directory, you will be able to discover information concerning telephone codes of cities of Moldova. Such a directory you can easily find on the Internet from the comfort of home.
International standard telephone number normally consists of 13 digits or 12 digits and a plus sign. Keep this in mind when you dial a phone, be careful, one wrong number or too slow set, can immediately terminate all communication. Write down on a piece of paper the right combination of numbers and don't expect a monotonous tone for too long, as soon as I heard the dial tone, dial all the above proposed scheme.