You will need
  • -spare fuses;
  • electric probe;
  • -a thin copper wire.
If your electrical panel is screwed an ordinary ceramic tube, it is likely that one of them has blown a fuse.
Remove the pipe plug. Remove from the front of the speaker is a ceramic cylinder with metal caps at the ends – this is the fuse. Inside the tube is placed a wire of a certain cross-section. The diameter of the inserts are also different for the same length. It's called "protection against the fool". Insert with a diameter of 6 mm can withstand a current of 6 amps, 8 mm – 10A 10mm – 15A and 12 mm for 20A. As you can see, to mix up, and insert the inflated current insertion impossible.
To check if a fuse, you can use electric. tester or a simple lampong probe. If the tube is burnt contact, it is impossible to restrict replacement insert – it should be changed.
If you have have the appropriate insert, just replace the burned-out and install the pipe plug. If not – then you can temporarily put a "bug". The sequence of repair of the electric fuse shown in details in the figure. At the first opportunity replace a wire on the factory fuse.
In case you have auto tubes, which are rolled in exactly the same way as regular ceramic, they are just "knock". In contrast to the conventional automatic tube overload or in case of a short circuit is disabled.
Making sure that all wiring is normal, disconnect from the network once the appliance, press the white button on the tube and restore the circuit.
The second button, smaller and red in color, serves to disconnect the circuit.
Finally, the third option: you have a domestic machine (circuit breaker). This device combines the functions of fuse and switch. They should also be put in pairs: a "phase" and "zero".
If the machine "knocked out" and you have found and eliminated the cause, move the first toggle switch in the off position, then turn on.