Causes the seal on

The reason seal - chronic inflammation. It develops as a result of the formation of adhesions or scarring. This leads to disruption of the contractile function of the authority.

In addition to chronic cholecystitis seal of the gallbladder wall can be caused by other diseases. These include cholesterols, ascites, liver cirrhosis, the presence of multiple polyps, neoplasms.

Holsters is characterized by the deposition of fat on the walls of the body, which leads to disruption of its functioning.

Great influence on the gallbladder the liver, as they are linked. With the defeat of the liver (necrosis of hepatocytes, chronic hepatitis) in the pathological process may be involved and gallbladder.

To polyposis is characterized by active thickening of the bladder walls due to formation of polyps in it. Depending on the cause of the development of the disease, thickening of the gallbladder can lead to different consequences. This condition persists without treatment.

Possible consequences

In that case, if the seal was chronic cholecystitis, and it can cause the spread of infection. While pathogens can get into the lower divisions of the gastrointestinal tract, for example, in the intestines and, through it, on the system of veins in the liver and her bile ducts.

Through the lymph the infection can zanetis in other organs: pancreas, organs of the gastrointestinal tract. In addition, the seal of the gallbladder it leads to dyskinesia, that is disturbed the flow of bile. The bile is of great importance for digestion, so the digestive process is broken. In addition, changing the composition of bile.

The thickening of the body to the liver can lead to acute liver failure, severe intoxication.

If the wall of the gallbladder neoplasms, pathological process over time will increase. If not timely surgical treatment, the tumor can invade the wall of the organ to metastasize to nearby organs, which is fraught with complications.

The seal of the bladder wall most often are asymptomatic, but, nevertheless, required a thorough examination of the entire abdominal cavity. Patients may be complaints of pain in the abdomen associated with eating food. They occur only in the period of exacerbation of the underlying disease.

Thus, the sealing wall of the gallbladder is not an independent disease, but it can lead to serious consequences, affecting other organs. Under this pathology may be hiding a more serious illness, so treatment is required.