Advice 1: How to put the boss in place

Boss are different: competent and sheepish, good-natured and evil, wise and otherwise. And it happens that there are those who think that their position allows them to humiliate their subordinates. It is not necessary to panic, if your boss refers specifically to this type of leadership, you just need to behave correctly, not forgetting about their interests.
How to put the boss in place

The best option

The best option is to give the boss to speak, before you answer. Wait for the moment when she will be able to perceive the word lice. Then you can recognize the mistakes you make mistake and promise henceforth not to repeat such. After that, it should be noted too harsh tone boss has no grounds. It is best if this conversation will be held in private. In no case do not put ultimatums and conditions – management does not stand. Just politely but firmly ask your boss to pipe down. Undoubtedly, there is a risk that you will be fired after this, but most managers respect employees, openly and honestly expressing their opinions in the correct the correct form, not affecting the pride guide.

Abusive behavior

Managers often do not stop at only one sharp statements, then the course is passive-derogatory behavior. It can be offensive jokes, irony, scornful, or contemptuous tone etc. Everything is a polite attempt to humiliate.

In such cases, it is absolutely impossible to remain indifferent and pretend that nothing is happening. Otherwise, such behavior of the Manager will quickly become a habit, moreover, the same style of communication you can learn from your colleagues. Best right to tell the head that this attitude does not suit you, and ask them to explain what it all means. This will give you the opportunity to put the boss in place, force her to treat you as an equal. Don't forget that you need to talk confidently and correctly.

Types of heads

The classic type of "mother Director" - she respected leader, love and respect her, but when she is enraged it is best to stay away from her. At this moment the best thing to do is to hide in my office and dive into work. After a while, the boss will cool down and all will be forgotten.

Much more dangerous chiefs-petty tyrants. They humiliate subordinates for their own pleasure, making it quite consciously. There is already sit fail. The perfect employee for a leader is a slave, at the sight of her which must shake the knees. Often, these leaders begin to intimidate potential employees during the interview. And if you decide to get a job in a company, be ready to fight back the boss.

The most important thing you need to do is not be afraid. Such boss trying to put subordinates in an alarming addiction. Do not give in and minimize all verbal altercation. Build ourselves imaginary impenetrable wall and you will be amazed how you will become indifferent to your supervisor. But her behavior will change dramatically, it will be polite and will begin to respect you.

Advice 2 : How to behave if they scream at you

Conflict situations are almost inevitable in communication. If some of them can be solved peacefully, the others degenerated into a quarrel, accompanied by violent emotions and cry. To calm the interlocutor, raised my voice at you need to learn to control myself.
How to behave if they scream at you
Do not succumb to provocations. The first desire that one experiences in an argument is to scream in response. Thus you would show your strength, not allowing you to yell at yourself. However, it is not so. Consider such behavior as a loss companion. He wanted you out of yourself and you did it.
Calm down and concentrate on the problem. A few minutes after the quarrel take to determine why you cry. Keep a cool head. Speak clearly, do not swallow words and do not show your excitement, if any.
Take a position in which you will be on the same level with someone. Have you noticed that yelling at a seated person when you stand, much easier? Here, the psychological features of perception. So if your opponent is too stand up.
If after 5-7 minutes the person is not calming down, and his aggression is gaining momentum, also improve voice. Thus give yourself the report that you are doing it solely in order to reassure the interviewee. Start talking very loudly and gradually reduce the volume and rate of speech, changing to the normal communication. After some time and your friend will stop screaming.
If this technique does not work, as it reduces the volume of your speech, use soothing gesture. Raise your hand back of your hand down so that she was on the level of your eyes, and slowly lower her down to the waist. Such a gesture can be repeated 2-3 times, as long as the opponent saw it.
Tell your recipient that you are ready to talk to him in a raised voice. Tell him that you carry the conversation until then, until he calms down. If this is not possible, be confident, do not show your excitement and do not go to the Creek like the source.

Advice 3 : Why do some people always shout

There are people with whom communication is very difficult due to their unrestrained nature. Such people usually can't stay in a peaceful mood: they constantly scream and go ballistic.
A screaming man
Most people, using the quarrel to cry, feels their helplessness and inability to reach an understanding with someone. Often it is an expression of fear, misunderstanding and powerlessness. In any case, you have to agree that a screaming person is most likely uncomfortable and he tries to change it. Without noticing it, making it impossible to cry and the conversation.
A reason to be afraid at everyone. You can shout from the fact that it is terrible to be alone and lose his only loved one. That is what little children, because for them it is a real tragedy: some in the big world they will not survive. And what makes us constantly go to the Creek adult self-sufficient man?
The reasons lie on the surface, can look beautiful, and fully justify it, but if you look deeper, you often find that things are not so great. The constant cry speaks of moodiness, irritability, incontinence. And if flashy is seeking to shift the blame on the other saying that was taken out himself, it shows the unwillingness to change and take responsibility for their actions. Hardly anyone would allow themselves to so out, for example, alone with five bullies in a dark alley, but with subordinates at work, many are trying to expose themselves unfortunate victim of the provocation.
The constant cry also means that people already feel their impunity. With him refused to communicate and cooperate after the first and second, and maybe third incident, and probably he got scared from the outburst of a man what could not be achieved without shouting. Although such people claim that not being able to control themselves, this is often not true. For those who really cannot restrain themselves, there are sedative drugs, and these people have no contact with the healthy. The rest are invented by the its helplessness in order to continue to obtain whatever he wants and accuse people in the provocation, and lost miles of nerves.
Most people are well aware that shouting will achieve nothing, and therefore does not shout in situations where it's really pointless. The victims of his bad temper be or subordinates at work or family members.
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