Even Peter said that a slave should look dashing and silly. Slave and slave to show diligence and not to interfere with the bosses to show their wisdom. Even if his superiors don't have the wisdom nor a fraction, pretend that you are stupid. Even the most objective person gets pleasure from listening to it carefully. What can we say about the fool who delight comes from the fact that he reverently heed?

The boss is a fool subconsciously picks the team. If you look carefully at your colleagues, you will find that some of them pretend to be idiots, and others actually are. But no one rises above the upper limit established by the chief. A fool does not want to see people around smart, self-sufficient, brave. He wants stupid submission, and your task is to meekly agree with every word.

Promote your ideas

When the chief fool will be convinced of his mental superiority over you can start to promote their ideas. Of course, all ideas need to throw the boss by accident, so that he never for a moment doubted that they synthesized his brilliant mind. Boss prove his loyalty, and he will allow you to stand out from the crowd of his subordinates and rise to a certain level.

Never show a fool the whole power of his intellect. The first attempt to put the boss-idiot up over the collapse: fools are very sensitive to such issues and instantly calculate the sources of potential danger. If the boss start to feel any threat from you, you will not know it, will be on the list to be laid off or reduced.

He is the boss, I'm the fool!

You can try to establish control over his boss. Once you think you're smarter than the boss, then connect your intelligence and try to make your boss started you need. Make yourself indispensable, become the "eyes and ears" of the boss in the team, raise the level of confidence of the chief to unprecedented heights. In the farthest corner of his soul, the fool realizes the extent of his misery and seeks to find intelligent, but controlled by a person for use for their own purposes. Become that person, and the boss will fall into bondage with you.

Sooner or later there will come a moment that your boss is an idiot, guess and higher authorities. Try to make this hunch came to higher authorities faster and, perhaps, you will be able to take the place of the deposed boss. Don't share with anyone your plans: career abhors sentimentality, and colleagues you can just pass the chief.