If not one "But...". Head, fit in all the "holes" that do not give you the opportunity to realize itself fully, you insert a spoke in the wheel, cut the award for utter rubbish, which establishes strict penalties for tardiness and obscene statements. Maybe you want to become boss, but your boss does not think to leave the "cushy" place? He can help with this, it would wish.

There are many ways to frame the head. Surely, your boss has weaknesses or bad habits. For example, did you know that he is a visitor to the Dating site. Sign up on this website by sending in a photo and Busty blondes or petite brunettes (pre-find out what girls to his taste). Encourage him, talking until, until it becomes the initiator of private meetings. In parallel, place a photo of the boss on the website gay Dating and set up a meeting with a representative of sexual minorities in the same place, where the chief held a meeting with the girl of his dreams. As you know, out come only two, as the girl - fictional character. And you only need to work hard to get more employee of the company was present at the place of their meeting.

You know that your boss is using the services of girls of easy virtue. We must make every effort to apply for this service to your man. Get a camera, and during a meeting with important clients include recorded the cassette, is pre-prepared for business negotiations. Will be a special effect, if the boss is married and doesn't want the wife found out about the incident.

Both methods are tested repeatedly and yield positive results in 82% of cases. As a rule, the chief could not stand the teasing, he leaves his post, or to become more loyal to his players. Hence we conclude: "to substitute the chief of the need to highlight his weaknesses in front of all the colleagues, clients, or weaknesses if there is to invent and again to highlight".

You can substitute boss in monetary terms or undermine his authority in front of my superiors. For example, on behalf of the chief to arrange a meeting with an important client. The boss for this meeting will come and it will be especially frustrating if a customer desired, and a failed meeting would deprive the company of opportunities to cooperate with him in the future.

Before you do, make sure that the change of the head will lead to the desired result. Because the old boss, although tough, but you know what to expect, and new ones may make rules more reasonable, but twice the room setup may not pass. If you are convinced of the correctness of his decision, observe the recommendations described above and you'll be fine.