The causes of humiliation at work can be different: hostility to a new employee, the dissimilarity of characters, misunderstanding of human motives, conflicts officer or employee. In any case, the humiliation is quite common, very unpleasant and painful for any employee who has undergone this kind of treatment. When a person has to work in such a stressful situation, constantly afraid to do something wrong, get another reprimand, he lost the motivation, lost faith in itself, and all desire to work. And after head already and some subordinates may begin to behave with an employee in exactly the same way. Of course, in such conditions it is very difficult for a long time to stay on the job.

What to do in this situation?

An employee who has been abused, you first need to admit it. Many do not want to ignore the humiliation, I think that such behavior of the head is normal if the chief says something hurtful, then the employee deserves it. However, in most cases it is not, no nitpicking Manager can not be expressed in the form of humiliation. No need to justify such actions, to lose self-control, lower self-esteem, if you are strongly confident that doing their job well. Identify the main instigators of humiliation and those who support them, it usually can be two or three, rarely a greater number of employees. It should also be noted, who sympathizes with you, or at least kept neutral. That people can get further help. Now it is necessary to try to resolve the conflict or misunderstanding.

The resolution of the conflict from the side of the head

To start is to speak with your supervisor, be honest. Maybe he does not even understand that demeans employees. Tell us about your own fears and anxieties, try to smooth his attitude, see what you done to him, what are you doing wrong, why he treats you so harshly? Also, try to contact him for advice or help, it may flatter him and he will change you.

The second method is to assemble his team of supporters or neutral people who do not take part in your humiliation. Talk to him, try to get close to dine together, discuss interesting topics, ask for help or offer it themselves. Well, if you can establish contact not only with people from your Department, but neighboring, and will also know their superiors. Maybe one of them will want to transfer you to your Department, then the humiliation will stop. But even if this will not happen with the support of other people, you can try to make a small coup. Contact your superiors and try to explain the whole situation with humiliation. Tell us all calm and be objective, ask to settle the conflict. Usually after a conversation with a higher authority your immediate supervisor may moderate your anger.

If that does not work, set a goal, for example, to work for six months or a year, to gain experience, and then quit. This is certainly good motivation, but doing so is only in extreme cases: when you need the money, like the work itself or is it a very prestigious place, the analogue which is not so easy to find. If this causes you not - feel free to go with this post. It is not necessary for her to stay, if you want to spend so much nerves.