Symptoms of stress

To the physiological symptoms of stress include back pain, digestive disorders and food behavior, headaches, drowsiness or insomnia, tremors in the limbs, convulsions, sweating, changes in sexual behavior.

Emotional symptoms of stress are manifested in the form of irritability, bouts of anger, anxiety, sadness, apathy, anxiety, feelings of guilt and loneliness.

Behavioral symptoms of stress are manifested in the form of abuse of alcoholic beverages, tobacco. One becomes fussy, conflict.

Intellectual symptoms include problems with attention, memory, difficulties with decision-making. Negative thoughts are predominant.

The treatment of stress

Patient is prescribed pharmaceutical drugs that help relieve stress, normalize sleep. Most often, when you stress the doctor recommends light sedatives plant-based: "Persen", "Novo Passit", decoctions of Valerian, motherwort.

You also need to undergo psychotherapy to learn to cope with stress. It is scientifically proven that people react to the same situation differently. And if for some, a stressful situation is an insurmountable obstacle, the other without any problems cope with emotions, as they have a high degree of stress resistance.

The effects of stress

If you do not learn how to cope with a stressful situation, the consequences can be very negative. Diseases of the cardiovascular, digestive, depression is only a small part of the consequences that can be a consequence of stress.