Advice 1: How to not sweat during times of stress and excitement?

Hyperhidrosis is the phenomenon which occurs quite often. Is just a little too nervous, and everything is wet your armpits and palms is provided. Often this problem becomes very serious, even able to significantly ruin a person's life. There is a feeling of insecurity, anxiety increases, sweating increases. However, this does not mean that you need to put on a cross. There are several ways how to deal with this problem.
How to not sweat during times of stress and excitement?
To deal with sweating is not only possible, but necessary. First, it's quite a serious cosmetic defect. Secondly, hyperhidrosis can be a signal of the beginning in the body serious disease. Often the main cause of excessive sweating is stress and anxiety. They adversely affect the human nervous system, resulting in accelerated breathing, increased heartbeat, disturbed appetite. Nervana system is responsible for thermoregulation of the body, therefore, is responsible for the sebaceous glands. Under stress, the glands markedly accelerated, and sweating increases.

Why sweating is freaking out

Quite often, those who complain of excessive sweating, is noted not so much excessive sweating, such as that it is accompanied by a sharp and unpleasant smell. One has only to spend not the most pleasant conversation or to perform an energetic dance from the body abruptly begins to smell.

Associated the odor with what during stress sebaceous glands secrete not only sweat but also lipid secret. It is a fertile field for bacteria. They, in turn, become a source of unpleasant odor.
To deal with the smell by using a special antiperspirant. And to do this it is imperative that the people was fled. In addition, do not neglect the frequent reception of the soul.

To combat excessive sweating, which can occur when too much stress or excitement, is to use all the available Arsenal of tools - from cosmetics to medicines. First and foremost, you need to take care of the normalization of the nervous system. To do this, start taking sedatives that can be plant-based. Remember that they have a cumulative effect, so use it. In this case, if you start to worry that sweating will not be so pronounced.

Also very good helping of a variety of herbal teas. A special place in the rating of useful herbal medicines is a sage. He and the nervous system calms, and helps to normalize the work of sebaceous glands.

In addition, experts recommend a wardrobe makeover, opting for clothing made from natural fabrics. They have to be light.
Should refuse synthetic materials, because leather in them is not breathing, and sebaceous glands begin to work even harder.

Be sure to monitor weight and avoid obesity. This is a violation of metabolism, which further leads to frustration in the body, including the increased sweating.

And, of course, is to limit stressful situations. Because if you perform most of them, it turns out that they shouldn't have to be nervous.

What to consider when dealing with excessive sweating

First and foremost, try not to get a complex. Remember that no one is immune from this problem. Just start to deal with it, and everything is back to normal.

If folk remedies do not help, you can try to resort to the official medicine. For example, if you have sweaty hands use baby baths for hands with the addition of potassium permanganate.

Alternatively, you can use the services of physiotherapy. Various methods that help reduce sweating, need to go through entire courses. Doctors depending on your condition, will determine the number of treatments. However, on average it will take 10 sessions to get rid of the problem.

Keep napkins at the ready that will help you to wipe your hands before an important hand shake, or a bit to clean armpits before exciting meeting.

You can also try to modern medical advances, like laser eye surgery, or other innovative methods. They are quite reliable and great help. The only drawback - a rather high cost. There are other options that you can use, but they cost slightly less.

Do not try to entirely get rid of sweating - after all, it is a natural action, like breathing. Just try to minimize the consequences.

Advice 2: How to sweat less

Let's start with the fact that sweating is normal. How would not be a clean person, and as if he did not stint on expensive deodorants, sweat, the human body's inherent nature.
How to sweat less

Sweating, the body protects itself from overheating - it is the only physiological process. Incidentally, sweat is useful, for example, then goes a large number of harmful substances contained in our body.

It is known that sweat glands located throughout the body, less sweating is not physically. Another thing is the odor produced by this physiological process. But then the fault is not the body, and the bacteria that contribute to decomposition of substances causing the same flavor.

Sweat to health as they say! And of course in moderation. But what if the problem of sweat becomes acute, and you feel the need to fight it?

From what you will drink soothing, less sweat will not become the first and only correct way of solving this problem is a visit to the doctor. Remember, excessive sweating could be a sign of serious illness, which need to diagnose as early as possible. For example, sweating can be the cause of the weakening of cardiac activity, and in the night time — tuberculosis.

If you are constantly sweating and thirsty, there is a suspicion of diabetes. The constant feeling of fear, coupled with trembling, and then says, thyrotoxicosis, thyroid disease. Having established the root cause of sweat, you get rid of the "Smokinya", and won't sweat.

Often, there are cases where a survey does not give any results, the man is sweating because he is so constituted. And you're not the only one, there are a large number of people who have autonomic nervous system is faltering. The consequence of this is sweating. Treatment there are used complex. First, it's a sedative drug, and secondly, physical therapy, and various wiping and dusting. Try wiping your armpits with a cotton swab dipped in table vinegar (10%) - in few weeks You will notice that the smell of sweat, almost imperceptible.


Advice 3: How not to sweat

Different situations in life, often caught people off guard. Uncertainty, stress, fears, problems in communication is the reaction of not only psychological but also physiological. In such cases there is sweating, negatively valued others. So, what can you do in this uncomfortable situation?
How not to sweat

Reasons for sweating armpits

To cope with the problem of sweating, you must first find out its causes. Such reasons can be:
- hormonal imbalance;
- metabolic disorders;
- vegetative-vascular dystonia;
- unstable emotional state;
- eating certain foods or medications;
excessive daily drinking coffee or energy drinks;
- infectious diseases - septicaemia, helminthiasis, tuberculosis, etc.

Thus, if you have one of the above diseases, it is necessary to cure him. If profuse sweating is due to stress or unhealthy habits, should reconsider their way of life.

Sweating can be associated with the psychological reaction of alarm. It is known that anxious people perspire quite heavily. If you notice a frequent and causeless excitement, try to overcome it. Certainly disappear and sweating.

But what if your armpits still sweat? In this case, you will help to cope with this problem tested folk remedies.

Folk remedies from sweating

1. Very effective folk remedy for excessive sweating is a decoction of oak bark. Steep 1 teaspoon of bark in 1 Cup of boiling water. For greater efficiency, add a little lemon juice. Received infusion 3 times a day, wipe the problem areas. This tool can also be called a natural deodorant.

2. Perfectly helps to cope with excessive sweating normal chamomile. You can buy it at most drugstores. Recipe infusion: 6 table spoons of chamomile brew 2 liters of boiling water, after some time, add 2 tablespoons of baking soda. This infusion should be wiped excessively sweaty. Underarms must be clean shaven.

3. The infusion of sage. Take 1 tablespoon of sage and pour 2 cups of boiling water. Wait for 30 minutes. This infusion need to take into 1/4 Cup 4 times a day.

Why is it helpful to sweat

When perspiration from the body is a large number of harmful substances adversely affecting human life. Remember that the reaction of the organism under stress and exercise must be accompanied by sweating. Try not to worry and not to dwell on the problem.

Advice 4: Sources of uncertainty and how to deal with it

Insecurity prevents man to succeed and achieve their life goals and plans. People suffering from this complex, often prone to depressed depressed mood. Increasingly, psychologists in the office to meet someone insecure, and every year their number increases. Therefore, awareness on this issue does not hurt anyone.
Sources of uncertainty and how to deal with it

Sources of uncertainty

Man begins to realize himself as a person in childhood, so the causes of insecurity in the first place to look there.

If in childhood the child has had frequent troubles and even losses in various competitions, while the parents did this emphasis, in the adult period of life noticed only cons of his personality among all positive qualities. Appears envy to others, because they seem to be much happier and more confident. To avoid this, parents from an early age of life needs to teach the child courage and confidence, and various failures show with the best hand and don't pay them much attention. The slightest timidity and indecision with your child to overcome from the very beginning of manifestation.

It is necessary that the child as early as possible understand how to love themselves and appreciate their abilities, and understand how important it is.

How to get rid of uncertainty?

Away resentment

The best solution, of course, will be that way for combating uncertainty was accompanied by a specialist psychologist. But if to this we resolved to go himself, probably need to try your hand, and how decisively, without a doubt.

You do not need anyone to blame for his timidity and shyness, the charges must be cast aside.

Not to live past grievances, all the bad memories from childhood or youth must not be forgotten. The past is the past, it has passed, and the forces of peace it spent quite a lot, allowing you to build around the personality of the walls and various obstacles.

The past cannot be changed, but the future is completely dependent on the actions and thoughts that occur here and now.

Not to pay attention to other people's opinions and not give it value. Learn to praise yourself and not wait for praise from others. Most importantly, love for yourself and a proper assessment of their capabilities. So the move was more understandable and accessible, you can create a list of your talents and abilities, it will clearly show you should appreciate. And in addition, will allow to understand how things need to work.

Advice 5: What to do if a person sweats a lot

Excessive sweating always causes a lot of inconveniences for people who suffer from it. What to talk about when the sweat is flowing not only in the armpits and back, and on the face? It is especially difficult in this case women. It broke makeup, acne, and the fact aesthetic a little "soggy". In fact, the question of facial hyperhidrosis is solved by specific methods.
What to do if a person sweats a lot

What causes facial sweating?

If the sweat trickles down your face even when it's cool enough, it is recommended to consult your doctor, physician or endocrinologist. The fact that sudden severe sweating can occur if you have certain serious diseases of the body.

Stress, sudden excitement, for example, before an exam or date, can cause increased sweating, not only under the armpits or across the body, but a person may "suffer" from nervous shocks.

Hot weather also contributes to increased perspiration, and facial area including. In this case, you need to include in the program of reduction of sweating on the face, several methods of dealing with this unpleasant problem.

Methods to reduce sweating on the face

So, what to do if you are tired of the fact that you are heavily sweating face. First, you should avoid stressful situations. This advice is recommended for those individuals who love needless worry before important events in your life.

You can, if you know that there is a stressful situation, take a few pills of Valerian extract or drinking herbal infusions, acting sedative effect on the Central nervous system. This motherwort, peony petals, peppermint, lemon balm, Valerian root.

Easy soothing plant will have a positive impact on the condition of the sweat glands in the face, and it will not be as intense sweating.

The next step is affect the pores of the skin. Excellent properties, narrowing the pores, has oak bark, boiled in water for 20 minutes and infused for half an hour. Strained decoction of oak bark, it is necessary to wipe or wash your face 2 times a day.

Among modern cosmetic treatments, there are those who oppose excessive activity of the sweat glands in the armpits, back and face.

Sage tea as a lotion on the face is also a very strong method of reducing perspiration. Two teaspoons of dry herb sage pour two cups of boiling water, let it brew, strain.

Sage tea, in addition to wiping their face, it is helpful to drink half a Cup twice a day to reduce hyperhidrosis whole body.

Make ice cubes decoction of chamomile, oak bark or sage. Cubes in the morning, quickly wipe your face. Then blot it with a paper towel. This method significantly reduces pores, strengthens and tones the skin.

For more tips

There are special cosmetic deodorants without fragrance that should wipe the face. However, for a long time, their protective properties are not enough. So take advantage of them only for a while. But we should not forget about the methods, which are discussed above. They are much more effective and modern cosmetics.

If the sweat on the face runs hard from his temples and from the forehead, wear it on the bandage, absorbent. The bandage can be Terry, matching color with your clothes. Or made of a material dryline, which is much longer than Terry cloth holds moisture.

When severe sweating should carry paper napkins and baby talc, which can get wet the areas of the face, where the droplets of sweat.

Follow a diet with excessive facial sweating. Proper nutrition will reduce the sweating. Exclude from the diet of spicy foods, flour, sugar. Also, try at least temporarily not to drink coffee, cocoa, tea, hot chocolate. Perhaps these foods and drinks in your menu cause excessive sweating of the face.

Advice 6: How to learn to keep calm

People who know how to keep the cold-blooded attitude in difficult situations, always respected. But as any jitters adversely affects the body, one needs to learn to keep calmto save your nerves and health.
How to learn to keep calm
Stop and think. Most people gets nervous due to the fact that the difficult situations pile up one after another, and we need to solve them in the shortest possible time. But if you have a little time to respite, will be able to perform, for the solution of what problems need to tackle first. It is possible, and it is not worth it to waste your nerves.
Do not rush to tell others. To talk about what bothers you, makes sense only to those people who will be able to understand and give good advice. In other situations, sharing experiences, you can be calm because you will reopen the soul every time, when talking about the problem.
Warn anxiety. Very often negative emotions are preceded by certain factors. If you will be able to identify them, then you will at least understand his condition and in the best case can prevent the anxiety and worry.
Learn to relax. Calm helps your favorite business, relaxing with friends, a massage, a bath with aromatic oils and much more. Find something that helps to distract from negative thoughts to you, and use this method every time when you feel calm at the end.
Get enough rest. Very often people "lose" peace of mind due to the fact that it assumes many responsibilities and tries to fulfill them. Some period of time you can hold out, but then the voltage inside will turn around the external irritation. So you need during the working day to allocate time for lunch and short breaks and also take care of daily, restful sleep.
Exercise. Moderate exercise helps the production of endorphins that improve mood and well-being. Getting them regularly, you will be able to properly and safely respond to life's challenges.
Practise breathing. In times of stress, it slips, which adversely affects health. Try to breathe quietly and deeply. Slowly exhaling the air and holding the breath, you remove the irritation. In a few minutes you will feel relieved, will be able to evaluate what is happening around and to solve the necessary questions.
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