To deal with sweating is not only possible, but necessary. First, it's quite a serious cosmetic defect. Secondly, hyperhidrosis can be a signal of the beginning in the body serious disease. Often the main cause of excessive sweating is stress and anxiety. They adversely affect the human nervous system, resulting in accelerated breathing, increased heartbeat, disturbed appetite. Nervana system is responsible for thermoregulation of the body, therefore, is responsible for the sebaceous glands. Under stress, the glands markedly accelerated, and sweating increases.

Why sweating is freaking out

Quite often, those who complain of excessive sweating, is noted not so much excessive sweating, such as that it is accompanied by a sharp and unpleasant smell. One has only to spend not the most pleasant conversation or to perform an energetic dance from the body abruptly begins to smell.

Associated the odor with what during stress sebaceous glands secrete not only sweat but also lipid secret. It is a fertile field for bacteria. They, in turn, become a source of unpleasant odor.
To deal with the smell by using a special antiperspirant. And to do this it is imperative that the people was fled. In addition, do not neglect the frequent reception of the soul.

To combat excessive sweating, which can occur when too much stress or excitement, is to use all the available Arsenal of tools - from cosmetics to medicines. First and foremost, you need to take care of the normalization of the nervous system. To do this, start taking sedatives that can be plant-based. Remember that they have a cumulative effect, so use it. In this case, if you start to worry that sweating will not be so pronounced.

Also very good helping of a variety of herbal teas. A special place in the rating of useful herbal medicines is a sage. He and the nervous system calms, and helps to normalize the work of sebaceous glands.

In addition, experts recommend a wardrobe makeover, opting for clothing made from natural fabrics. They have to be light.
Should refuse synthetic materials, because leather in them is not breathing, and sebaceous glands begin to work even harder.

Be sure to monitor weight and avoid obesity. This is a violation of metabolism, which further leads to frustration in the body, including the increased sweating.

And, of course, is to limit stressful situations. Because if you perform most of them, it turns out that they shouldn't have to be nervous.

What to consider when dealing with excessive sweating

First and foremost, try not to get a complex. Remember that no one is immune from this problem. Just start to deal with it, and everything is back to normal.

If folk remedies do not help, you can try to resort to the official medicine. For example, if you have sweaty hands use baby baths for hands with the addition of potassium permanganate.

Alternatively, you can use the services of physiotherapy. Various methods that help reduce sweating, need to go through entire courses. Doctors depending on your condition, will determine the number of treatments. However, on average it will take 10 sessions to get rid of the problem.

Keep napkins at the ready that will help you to wipe your hands before an important hand shake, or a bit to clean armpits before exciting meeting.

You can also try to modern medical advances, like laser eye surgery, or other innovative methods. They are quite reliable and great help. The only drawback - a rather high cost. There are other options that you can use, but they cost slightly less.

Do not try to entirely get rid of sweating - after all, it is a natural action, like breathing. Just try to minimize the consequences.