The advantages of working in the public service

Though high in the stands and heard repeated promises about cutting bureaucratic jobs, but in reality their number increases together with a growing number of state structures and institutions. In addition to stability and social security, these places guarantee and high earnings. Of course, officials are not eager to advertise them, but Rosstat data speak for themselves – the average salary of professionals in the industry and the average salary of officials in charge of the industry, differs in 3-4 times. In addition, the increase of salaries of officials is in accordance with the decrees of the President punctually, what can be said about the rank and file state employees, and those working for commercial enterprises.

How many are public servants

The salaries of public servants independent of their positions and rated by results of certification of title. It should be noted that the salaries of these small. The minimum indivisible unit of wages of a state employee is considered salary for Junior positions of civil service "specialist" in most regions, it ranges from 8 to 11 thousand rubles.

But keep in mind that the official content is not limited only to a salary corresponding to the position. Also included is a surcharge for a class rank, monthly allowance for years of service, worked in the civil service and the same allowance for special conditions of service. But that's not all. The civil servant receives a monthly monetary reward, material assistance to the annual leave, which is 45 calendar days. Additional paid days to this leave granted for the operation of non-normalized time and length of service.

If you look at some of these allowances for years of service you will receive 10% of the salary, having experience of 5 years and 20% at the experience from 5 to 15 years, and if you have worked for over 15 years, you salary will increase 30%. Allowance for special conditions of public service can be up to 200%, it is set for each subject of the Federation by the decree of the Governor. Allowance for the honorary title can be up to 10%, and for the academic title of candidate of Sciences will get 15%, doctor 25%. With all the entitlement payments for the salary of 10 thousand rubles, you can count on 40-50 thousand monthly maintenance.