The provision of the Declaration of income are regulated not only by dates, but also in form. The document approved by the government. To complete the Declaration correctly, you will need: proof of income on form W-2 for the reporting period (12 months from January to December), statement of additional earnings, if any, on all places of work, information on non-core income (assets, pensions, income stock, etc.). Information about the property (certificate of registration), the vehicle (registration or title), Bank statement of income as of 31.12.2014, including information about their obligations of property character.
The Declaration consists of five sections. Filling the first section "Information about the income", enter in column 3 of item 1 of total earnings on a primary place of work for 12 months of the reporting year. Paragraph 2 – the income from teaching activities, in paragraph 3, from the scientific, point 4 from the creative (the fees). Paragraphs five-seven – be careful – must match the information you specify in the section "Information about the cash held in accounts in banks", so take the time to fill these lines. Line 8 is the total of all income enter it only when you are completely sure that took into account all cash receipts for the year, including "other income", i.e. the money from the sale of property (car, motorbike, garage, etc.)
Section "Information on the property" complete on the basis of documents confirming your right of ownership to immovable property. The government is not interested just view apartment or townhouse, but also their area, your share of ownership, as well as address finding, which, incidentally, is the secret and in the public domain will not be published. Similarly, fill in section "vehicles".
In the "Information about the money..." you need to specify the full name of the Bank-guardian of your savings, type and currency of accounts, as well as the date it was opened, the account number (16 or 22 digits) balance as at 31 Dec. Write everything, including pennies.
Securities, the idea of a civil servant should not be, is contrary to the law "On state civil service", however, the relevant section is in the income statement, so you need to specify or "have", or to be honest to tell all about commercial organization, a co-owner you have suddenly become.
Section 5 must be completed if you do not have their own homes, and live, for example, of the parents. In this case, you need to specify their address, and in the column "base use" to write "the actual provision". Similarly, if you use a garage, a cottage, a lake, etc.
The sixth section includes information about your obligations, there will again need Bank statements on your loans. You will need to specify to whom and how much you have when picked up and by what percentage.