Israel is famous not only for its legendary history, weapons and intelligence, but the border service with its high standards of security checks. There are quite strict restrictions on the import and export alcoholic beverages across the border of the state of Israel.

How many liters of alcohol you can carry in Israel?

Customs service of the state of Israel is a structural unit of the Tax administration of Israel, which is a division under the Ministry of Finance. Israel, known for its high security standards, paying special attention to customs control.

There are many restrictions on the importation of alcoholic beverages in this country. If alcohol is carried in the Luggage, restrictions on duty-free free import. Spirits, the fortress of which exceeds 22 degrees, can be transported in the total amount of not more than 1 liter per person, whose age is over 18 years old. Alcoholic beverages, a fortress less than 22 degrees, including wine and beer not exceeding 2 litres per person, over 18 years of age. If the alcohol has been bought in Duty Free shops, they must be Packed in plastic bags with a zipper and sealed in the shop at the airport.

In accordance with customs regulations of the state of Israel, passengers are exempt from paying duties on alcohol in this volume: 1 liter of strong alcohol (persons over 18 years): 2 liters of alcoholic beverages (persons over 18).

How many liters of alcohol you can take from Israel?

According to the established international rules, restrictions on the export of alcohol are not set by the state, which leaves the tourist. We can say that the customs of Israel does not regulate the number of alcohol exported from the country if it is carried in the Luggage.
If the removal of alcohol from Israel, for example, on the territory of the Russian Federation is allowed to import spirits total volume of not more than 2 liters for persons who have reached 18 years of age.

Restrictions apply on the export of alcohol from the Duty Free shops. All alcohol must be Packed in a transparent bag and sealed in the store. To set restrictions on the import of foreign alcoholic beverages on its territory should the state where the camper resides.