How much can you take out currency from the territory of Russia?

At the same time from the territory of the Russian Federation are allowed to take out cash in rubles or in foreign currency, the amount of which shall not be more than 10 thousand USD in cash.

Updated rules of export of foreign and local currency from Russia

Till 2010 in the Russian Federation act, which was allowed to export from its territory to 3 thousand dollars without the registration of the Declaration and 3-10 thousand dollars in the presence of the Declaration. If the amount of the exported cash was more than 10 thousand dollars, the removal could only occur with official permission from the Central Bank of Russia. And in 2010 the export regulations of cash have been significantly simplified.

Transportation of cash without issuing Declaration

When crossing the Russian border without any significant restrictions and customs Declaration you can bring the above amount.

You should pay attention to the following points: 10 thousand dollars can be expressed as the sum of all currencies that exist with a person who is carrying cash with you. This amount is calculated not only for one adult, but to children as well.
For example, a married couple with a child to smuggle across the border up to 30 thousand dollars without a clearance Declaration for the export of cash.

Money held on a plastic card, not included in this sum. The presence of plastic cards and the passenger is not subject to customs Declaration.

Money, designed in the form of traveler's checks are considered cash, and therefore they should be summed up with the cash.

It is best to exercise caution all passengers and tourists that have a monetary amount in a different currency that is when converting to US dollars is close to the equivalent of 10 thousand. In this case, before heading to the airport or the station, it is better to consult data on recent exchange rate of the Central Bank of Russia.

It is best to combine the Russian currency export regulations with the regulations on the import of cash in the country.
So, from Russia without registration of the Declaration can be easy to take out cash in the amount of 10 thousand dollars, and in Bulgaria without a customs Declaration to import only one thousand dollars.

If the tourist exports from Russia cash amount not exceeding 10 thousand USD, and goods that must be declared, he will easily be able to cross the border and customs control.