How to return the softness and refresh the color?

If towels, sheets or bathrobes were hard, you can try to return them to softness. To do this, do the following:

  • Soak the Terry product in a large basin with clean, cold water for 12 hours.
  • Well vyprosit in warm water to remove the remaining washing powder.
  • For starters, the towel should be soaked in large quantities of cold clean water for 10-12 hours, and then rinse well. This will help to get rid of the dried residue of washing powder.
  • Pour slightly warm water in a large bowl, stir in a few handfuls of common salt, dissolve salt in water and submerge Terry there thing for 1 hour.
  • Remove the product from the water, squeeze lightly with your hands, without twisting.
  • Hang the thing over the bathtub or over a large bowl to excess water glass.
  • After the water has drained, holosha shake the thing and hang to dry. Bathrobe is better to hang on a hanger.
  • Without drying, remove with a slightly damp Terry product with a clothesline and otparit iron. In no case should not be ironed, as eliminate the fluffiness and softness.
  • Ironing Terry things, it is desirable to produce vertical steam, holding the iron at a distance.

How to properly care for fluffy things?

Terry to lead things in a more or less presentable is half the battle. Something to keep in mind things to Terry again lost the appeal?

  • It should be remembered that bath products should be washed in water 30-40 degrees without additional rinsing. It is necessary to rinse carefully.
  • As detergent better than liquid Laundry soap or shampoo. If you are using the powder, you should rinse add the vinegar, it neutralizes the remnants of the powder, which Terry product becomes hard..
  • Rinsing Terry linen better hands in the cool water with vinegar, salt or special conditioner (preferably a silicone).
  • Do not soak Terry products longer than 3 hours, they can acquire an unpleasant smell, which will not be easy to get rid of.
  • Rinse the Terry things better manually. This can be done after the thing extracted out of the washing machine. The product must be removed from the water, squeeze the excess water to drain and then hang to dry.
  • At the last rinse in water add a little vinegar or salt.
  • Ideal - drier with the flow of warm air.
  • Perfect conditions for drying dressing-things - outdoors. But in this case, the main thing is not to overdry them. To hang up clothes better in the shade, even better in the wind.
  • Drying in the winter on the balcony of Terry products is not recommended. as in the frost they will freeze and can break.
  • If dry bath products in the bathroom, be sure to open the door, as product may acquire a musty smell.
  • Before drying Terry things need a good shake and spread.
  • Terry things are best not ironed, as eliminate the fluffiness and softness
  • If the item is wrinkled, it is better to use vertical steam, holding the iron at a distance.