You will need
  • - liquid detergents;
  • - air conditioning;
  • ball for beating down and Terry;
  • - salt.
Plush bathrobes and towels is not recommended to wash the usual powders. It is better to use liquid detergents. After such washing, the product becomes smooth and soft. If you put the washing powder, then move the switch to the extra rinse. Due to this cleaners well washed out of Terry.
Adding Laundry softener. Try to use different manufacturers. Use the air conditioner, which is composed of silicone substance.

Rinse towels add water salt. When washing in the washing machine put it in a tank for conditioning.
Dressing-shake well the product before drying. Strongly do not tumble dry towels and start to stroke them a little wet. Iron iron heated to the maximum temperature with steam or use the steam brush.
No need to wash Terry products at maximum speed, as much of the thread RUB against the drum machine. Boil for Terry products is impossible.
All Terry products are very fond of fresh air, so it's best to hang them to dry outside, do it as often as possible. Buy in-store special bulb for whipping down and Terry in the washing machine.
So towels remained in good shape, buy quality, branded towels, they perfectly withstand frequent washing.
Wet and used towels put in the basket for washing clothes, they can acquire an unpleasant smell and have mold. Terry products should immediately wash or dry.