You will need
  • - vinegar,
  • - salt
Find out how hard is the water in your area. If you are sure that the problem is the stiffness of the towels in this – add rinse water vinegar: for 10 liters of water, is typically added ½ Cup of vinegar.
Add rinse towels and other Terry things in the water salt. Towel, shake well before you hang to dry. Some salt is added directly in the washing machine, the section for conditioning.
Do not tumble dry towels and start to stroke them slightly damp. And need to iron things with an iron, heated to a high temperature, continuously adding steam.
If your region's soft water and towels so dirty not to use washing detergent, wash them with ordinary soap and rinse thoroughly in water. Natural soft water has a direct impact on the quality of washed Terry products.
Our ancestors were washing clothes in the running water, and if you'll ever be able to wash and rinse linen in the key, or river water, test it on a private experience: Terry things washed in the river or lake and dried in the sun, with no additional effort on your part, there are a surprisingly tender, flavorful and fluffy.
Wash Terry towels in the washing machine with the special balls: they whip towels during the spin cycle, and things get very fluffy. Buy special magnetic balls – the effect will be even better. But if you have no such possibility – try to use ordinary tennis balls.
From household chemicals, it is preferable to use a rinse conditioner kids "Lenore". Using this tool, you don't even have to iron towels: they are after a good spin will be soft and fluffy.