From which the water in the aquarium is murky

The aquarium is a microcosm of where to appear and dead organisms. It consists of the delicate relationship of fish, plants and bacteria.

When you create a new aquarium in a few days there is a huge amount of bacteria, excessive breeding in the water. This leads to its dimness. This process is quite normal and natural. Before you run the fish tank with new water, you just need to wait a few days until it clears. Because of the lack of food most bacteria will die, and the biological balance of the water is normal. Change the water in this case, it is strictly prohibited because it is also turbid. It is best to add some water from the old aquarium, where the balance has long been established. If you don't have anything to worry about, the balance in the water he settled, just needs more time.

Another cause of muddy water may be overfeeding the fish. The excess food that your Pets do not have time to eat, descend to the bottom and begin to rot. As a result, the water begins to deteriorate. In such an environment, the inhabitants of the aquarium can't feel good, and prolonged their stay in the bad water will ruin.

With a large number of fish in the aquarium and poor water filtration, there is a clouding. The inhabitants of such an environment is sure to start poisoning organism decay products, which will lead to their death.

Cause muddy water can be algae. There is a view that excessive reproduction leads to clouding of the environment in the aquarium and in this case emits an unpleasant odor. Another problem may be the excess lighting or the accumulation of excess organic matter on the bottom, stimulating the rapid growth of microscopic algae, and the result is algal blooms. It becomes opaque with a greenish tint. The lack of light plants in the aquarium will become brown and start to rot that will spoil the habitat of the fish and will harm their health.

What to do with cloudy water in the aquarium

To deal with muddy water is not difficult, important to understand the causes of turbidity and adhere to certain rules in the future.

First you need to determine the cause of the turbidity. If it is the overcrowding of the aquarium, therefore, should strengthen the filter or some fish to move to another place. If the reason is the accumulation of excess feed on the bottom, so you need to reduce the dose of the food or buy a bottom fish, which will eat up deposited food. With lighting need to dim the aquarium or increase the light. To prevent a rapid growth of algae encouraged gets fish or snails eating plants. Below in the aquarium was preserved biological balance, it is necessary to have a good filter that matches the size of the water tank. You need to understand that the aquarium water is alive, and to maintain balance, it is necessary to maintain certain conditions. It does not suggest the use of chemicals, they can cause more disturbance and require longer recovery.

In maintaining balance in the water plays an important role her shift. After starting a new aquarium does not need to change the water for 2-3 months until the adjusted balance. In the future, water should be replaced 1-2 times per month. While merging only 1/5 of the total volume of the aquarium and the same adding new. If you change more than half, disturbed habitat, which will lead to the death of fish. In small tanks the water can be changed less frequently, subject to the availability of a good filter.