Flower zamiakulkas

The zamiakulkas small bright flowers, which are collected in the cob - typical inflorescence of the Araceae for all. Flowers of different sexes are located in the ear separately, men are at the top and female bottom, in between area sterile flowers. This is the structure of the inflorescence helps zamiakulkas to avoid self-pollination.

The cob is hard to find among the foliage, as the top covered with a veil, a modified leaf, as if wrapped in it and the greenery is no different from the unfolding young leaves. This is due to the habitat of zamiakulkas at home - this succulent wind or pollinating less often - a few crawling insects. Therefore, the inflorescence is positioned low, at a height of 2-4 cm from the soil - this makes it easier to access it. First, the cob is growing up, and then, as they Mature, its stems more bends to the ground. After pollination formed a brown berry, in which the seeds of zamiakulkas. In terms of indoor flower seeds to very difficult, as the plant is not enough light, heat and humidity.

Flowering and seeds in the indoor environment

It is widely believed that in pots at home bloom only Mature plants, but in reality it is not. To bloom, zamiakulkas not required to reach a certain age or grow to some extent. When you create optimal conditions for bloom and very young specimens grow in your life in just 1-2 sheets. The regime should include with lights, temperature and watering.

Zamiakulkas is considered shade-tolerant and do not suffer in the North Windows or in the center of the room, but it will only grow, and bloom - ever. This denizen of the African rocky plateau you need to place in the scorching direct sun on South and South-East nepremennym Windows, then there is a chance to see it flowering at a young age.

Homeliness and invisibility of inflorescence did not become a barrier for a lot of good will, which the growers accompany the flowering of zamiakulkas. It happens rarely enough, and so signs on him. This plant is called dollar tree, and considered that its flowering period portends financial well-being for family members. That omen came true, the flower should be not bought, but received as a gift or self-propagated from a leaf.

If the plant blooms, but the new shoots on it not appearing, it may be a sign of aging or disease of the roots of zamiakulkas,
and better to think about its propagation and preservation of this beautiful plant.