Claim for bodily injury is filed by a citizen who has received some injury or damage as a result of actions of the person. This person is a defendant in the case, therefore, appeal to the court is at his place of residence or location. Such requirements are dealt with in district courts, for the adoption of the statement of claim to the production required to meet the requirements set by the civil procedural legislation. In particular, the special requirements are for the application form, its contents, the accompanying documents.

What requirements can be included in a claim for bodily injury?

A citizen whose health was harmed has the right to declare several interrelated requirements. So, the courts seek all costs of treatment, recovery, medications and special equipment, health resort treatment, and other related expenses. In addition, the civil law allows to claim compensation for lost earnings, which the citizen could obtain under normal condition their own health. Lost earnings kompensiruet as a percentage, the specific percentage depends on the degree of disability as a result of infliction of harm to health. In this advance is determined by the average income of the injured citizen, are all types of cash receipts.

What evidence is required to show in court?

When considering a claim for personal injury of a citizen will have to prove the fact of harm. For this approach, the materials of law enforcement agencies that routinely record such cases. So, an example of such documents can be reports, information resulting from traffic accidents. Also, the victim has the responsibility of proving the extent of damage to health as a result of actions of the guilty person. With this purpose, you should collect all medical records relevant to the case. Finally, you will need to justify the size of the required amounts, which include all receipts, checks, invoices, proof of payment of medical services, purchase of medicines, special equipment, health resort treatment. To confirm the size of the lost earnings is usually applied certificate of the average salary, but if you have other sources of income – documents proving such receipt.