You will need
  • - extract from the medical history;
  • - act inspection of premises;
  • - certificate from the traffic police about the accident;
  • the Treaty, which was violated;
  • - checks and other documents confirming the damage.
Assemble the necessary evidence base. If you want to collect from the neighbor or utility company the cost of damage caused to your flat as a result of a leak, call the master of the housing Department, which should be the act. For the recovery of damages from the culprit car accident get help traffic police and insurance companies. Help to compensation in the case of a beating can a certificate from the medical institution. In any case, you should have a document confirming the application of moral or material damages, harm to health, etc. Make photocopies of all the certificates. Make a list of them.
Calculate how much you can recover from the defendant. Create a detailed document. Specify the cost of repairing the apartment or car, medications, the amount of earnings you lost due to temporary incapacity to work due to the defendant. Don't forget about additional costs for telephone calls or correspondence.
Contact the defendant with a proposal to voluntarily compensate you for the damage. It's possible that go to trial is not required. If you get denied, it will be necessary to specify in the claim, putting the date of application.
The name of the court, data on plaintiff and defendant post in the upper right corner of the sheet. Enter full name of court in which you sue. Information about plaintiff include the surname, name, patronymic, address of place of residence. If you submit a claim on behalf of the organization, specify the correct name and legal address. The claim about compensation of harm may be submitted by the representative of the victim. In this case, and specify their data and information on the person on whose behalf you are filing the statement. You can also write the contact phone and email address.
Write to whom you are suing. This information is also entered in the upper right corner of the document, under data of the plaintiff. Enter the name and initials of the Respondent, his address. Submitting a claim to the company or organization, enter the correct name and the legal address.
Retreat a small distance and write the name of the statement: "Petition statement about compensation of harm". Format it in the center.
In detail describe a situation in which you were harmed. Specify what actions the defendant caused the situation. Check the documents confirming your right, you can provide, and also the amount of damage. A detailed calculation can be brought into the text of the statement or to make a calculation as of the application. Do not forget to inform the fact of your appeal to the defendant in the pretrial order.
The statement must also specify what you want. This can be done in several forms. For example: "In connection with the above circumstances of the request...". Then write your requirements and the amount for which you are applying. It can include compensation for property damage and moral harm.
In the list of attached documents do not forget to specify the original or the copy you provide and the number of copies. If certificates and acts much in the top of the list place the most important. Sign it, give her the transcript and specify the date of application.