In judicial practice, material (property) damage is called someone's action, in which another person loses some of their wealth. The claim about compensation of material harm is served in judicial office in writing. This document should contain 4 main parts: introduction (present in any statement), narrative, reasoning and pleading (which sums up).
The first part is introductory, is commonly in the upper right corner and contains General information about the case. Specify the name of the court in which you want to apply, name of claimant and representative of his interests, address, through which the court can contact you. Set out below are the same data about the Respondent. In addition ' to the trial is not delayed due to poor communication on one side of the case, specify phone numbers and email addresses.
Here you need to specify the amount of financial compensation that you require from the defendant the amount of the registration fee you need to pay mandatory before applying to the judge. If you suffered material damage associated with the violation of the criminal code, the state duty is not paid the victim.
To get the amount that you are eligible as a result of the damage, put three parameters. The first is the value of the lost goods, or money that you will need to restore it. The second parameter is the moral harm associated with the suffering and deterioration of health. Finally, third - the amount of the lost profits that you could obtain, if this incident did not happen.
The next part of the claim starts with the name of the document. It is written below the introductory part of the center: "Claim for damages". Further details and coherently, without excessive emotion state occurred. And in the reasoning part, specify what evidence you have, and on the basis of the law (article 151 Civil code) you require compensation from the defendant.
In the final part of the write exactly what steps you ask to take the court for the defendant. Treat the operative part of the application carefully, as its contents depends on the outcome of your case. Write a list of attached documents (copy of application, receipt of payment, proof) below and check the creation date of the claim and the signature decryption.