For starters, check out fragment of claim, which contains the introductory part of the document. In it you must specify the first three items from the list of compulsory placement in a lawsuit. The first of them calls the court referred the claim for consideration. The following - last name, first name, middle name plaintiff's and address. The latter concerns the defendant and filled in a similar manner. Not be amiss to write and contact numbers for communication. In addition, you can also report the price action. That is, the sum of moral damage and, if necessary, material.
The title of the document — "Claim statement" — position in the centre and underneath briefly describe the essence of the appeal to the court: "about compensation of moral harm". In the reasoning part of the claim, include the following mandatory paragraph. Describe, adhering to the business style of writing, what exactly is the violation of your legal rights and freedoms. What are the physical and mental suffering was caused to you. Remember to refer to specific articles of the law and avoid emotional evaluations of the incident. The next section should be devoted to a description of the circumstances surrounding the development of negative events, as well as bringing proof of the legality of your claims to the defendant. In addition, don't forget to tell us about your attempts of pre-judicial settlement of the dispute, Reaffirming their documents.
In conclusion, please contact your court to suit your requirements, listed after the word "Requested." Last of the required sections of the application should contain a numbered list of documents attached (receipt for payment of the state fee, a copy of the complaint, a copy of the certificate, the calculation of damage, etc.). In the end, under the text, the left margin of the sheet write the date and personal signature.