You will need
  • - Slicer;
  • - a knife with a long blade;
  • Board.
The first method

Select a nozzle to create thin slices and insert it into the grater. Peeled onion put on a holder and cut into thin plastics. Collect the resulting circles in a pile, divide it crosswise to make half-rings, put a stack of the cut and with a knife slice. Should be a very small pieces.
How to finely chop onions
The second method

You will need a so-called knife of the chef. He has sharpened a long blade. Clean the onion, not cutting off the base – the bottom. It will not allow chopped slices "to scatter". Some cooks, in contrast, leave with my tail dried the tip, which was a green feather. For it easier to hold the onion, but in this case there is a problem with the sezzhanie layers. Still, for slicing more convenient to leave it the bottom.
How to finely chop onions
Put the vegetables on the base, holding fingers with two sides, make several vertical, parallel cuts, not reaching the Donets.
How to finely chop onions
Turn the onion and make several cuts perpendicular to the previous one.
How to finely chop onions
Now carefully so the bulb is not broke, lay it on its side and slice into thin slices.
How to finely chop onions
Earlier cuts will turn the slices into small pieces. All this time, squeeze the onion from the sides and hold it at the base.
How to finely chop onions
The third way

Split unpeeled onion in half lengthwise, cut off top, peel. The bottom is not cut away as in the previous embodiment.
How to finely chop onions
Slice each half crosswise, not reaching the ground, and then make several longitudinal cuts from top to bottom.
How to finely chop onions
Observe is equal to the interval that the pieces turned out the same.
How to finely chop onions
The second and third method are similar, the difference being that in the second crumbles from the whole onion, and one half. Crumble half the those who still were not used. Pros prefer to cut from the whole vegetable.