Julienne (Julienne)

Julien is one of the most well-known forms of slicing vegetables. So cut carrots, cucumbers, celery and other hard vegetables long. Cut into julienne means to cut into thin strips length 5 cm and width 4 x 4 mm. This method is colloquially referred to as "straw".
Julien is also called a dish made from sliced this way of meat or mushrooms.

To cut into julienne, for example, carrots, cut across it initially on the "barrels", then put them "on end" and cut into slices with a width of 4 mm, and then the slices cut into strips with the same width.

Jardinier (Jardiniere)

Jardinier – method of cutting vegetables, close to Julien, but longer and thicker. It is also called "sticks". The thickness of the vegetables, chopped giardiniera, should be about 10 by 10 millimeters. Such vegetables put into soups, are preparing side dishes, otvarivaya or frying them.

Brunoise (Brunoise)

Thread brunois made on the basis of cutting julienne, also called "small cube". "Sticks" of vegetables cut into long pieces no more than 5 millimeters. Brunois often used for making sauces, as it crushed so quickly boil soft vegetables, such vegetables are also sprinkled on dishes for decoration.

Maseduan (Macedoine )

Cutting maseduan is based on slicing jardinier. The result is large cubes with sides of 1 centimeter. Such vegetables put in sauces, long cooking, in stews, in soups.

Peyzan (Paysanne)

Cutting peyzan is cutting thin longitudinal strips. It is also made from vegetables, sliced giardiniera. So cut the vegetables for grilling or roasting.
The title cut "peyzan" is translated as "peasant".

Siphoned (Chiffonnade)

Cutting siphoned designed specifically for leafy vegetables and herbs. It is to imply a crushing of their very thin strips. For this the leaves are rolled into a roll and slice carefully with a thin knife, trying to make the slices no thicker than 1-2 mm. Cut thus herbs used for seasoning dishes and leafy vegetables put in a salad or served on the side.

Other ways of cutting vegetables

The main classical methods of cutting are suitable for hard fruits. Soft vegetables (tomatoes) cut into concasse method (Concassees), although in fact it also turns dicing. To slice tomatoes the classic method they must pre-blanch and remove their skins.