How to cook dried fried onions

Cooking dried fried onions in the pan will take about 30 minutes. First we need to clean onions or shallots from the husk. The amount of onions depends on the size of the pan. You need to have it completely covered her bottom. Onions should be cut into thin half-ring - like Julien. Pour a large amount of vegetable oil to the pan, as the onions will be fried in deep fat. Place the onion in the hot oil and let it obzharitsya until caramelized. It is important to ensure that the onions don't burn. Then fried onions to put on paper towel to excess oil glass. The cooled onion must be crispy and dry to the touch. For the final dehydration of onion can be placed in the oven at minimum temperature (100-110°C) for 30 min. But it's not necessary, because with proper cooking onions already dried enough. Ready-made cereals can be ground by hand into powder or used whole. Store dried fried onions should be in an airtight jar.

If you have a deep fryer, the process of roasting onions is simplified significantly. Set the appropriate cooking mode, saute the onion and allow it to dry on a special metal insert. For deep fryer onion can be finely chopped, it is enough to divide the onion into four parts and to disassemble the cereal.

How to use dried fried onions

Dried fried onions is a traditional seasoning Asian dishes. Cinto su - so they call it in Thailand - widely used for cooking soups, hot dishes and snacks meat, fish and seafood, as well as breading for rolls. By the way, the flakes of fried onions by themselves are a good snack to beer. In Poland they are cooked in batter or in the powder of potato starch and served with pickles, hollandaise or tomato sauce.

Dried fried onions added to the dough for savory pastries. Onion buns are incomparable aroma and taste. In France they are served with the entrees, but they are good and as a separate dish.

Clear soups when you add dried fried onions become a nice Golden color and subtle onion flavor. If sprinkled with flakes of fried onions ready-made side dish, whether boiled potatoes, pasta or vegetable salad, it will be revealed to you.

Dried fried onions is a concentrated product. 100 g of product replace 1 kg of fresh onion, so the cost is he very economical. Onions are stored in a glass jar with a tight lid for several months. If the bottom of the jar to put a linen bag with rice, this will protect the product from mold.