You will need
    • onions;
    • water;
    • vinegar;
    • Bay leaf;
    • peppercorn.
Remove the onions from the husk. Peeled onion cut into rings or cubes. To the essential oils contained in this plant is not irritating to the eyes, place about the cutting Board pot with cold water and periodically rinse the knife.
Fold the chopped onion in a colander and quickly pour boiling water, trying to evenly process the entire area occupied by cut vegetables. The process of scalding should not last more than a minute.
Rinse the onions cooled boiled water. The speed of such processing will allow to keep some nutrients for which this vegetable is so appreciated.
Sweet red onions before adding to the lettuce should not be scalded. Even if you get a vegetable with a sharp taste characteristic of sweet varieties grown in the middle belt, soak it in the vinegar dining. Otherwise, the onion will change its color.
After a quick treatment with boiling water onions destined for salads, rinse with cold water, and let stand in vinegar. To handle this way chopped onions pour boiling water, gently shake the strainer to rid of excess water and put vegetables in an enamel, porcelain or glass pot.
Pour onion vinegar at room temperature and leave for fifteen minutes. Drain liquid, use a processed product for preparing snacks. Cutting and scald the onions just before cooking.
Flavorful onion for fish salads you get when you treat it with a hot marinade. To prepare this liquid, add the boiling water Bay leaf, a few peas black pepper and pour in vinegar. Chopped onion pour hot mixture and soak for twenty minutes. After the liquid has drained, you can put onion in the salad.