The problem of sweating of the forehead is the problem of sweating of the face. Scientifically it is called hyperhidrosis of the face (syndrome of "sweaty faces"). The symptoms of this disease is trivial: the forehead (and sometimes the entire face) of a man covered with perspiration, even if the ambient temperature is not so high. Besides the discomfort, there is another problem: to disguise sweatiest forehead is almost impossible! The powder is applied to this area will create the effect of a soggy face. If this problem takes place to be, it is necessary to seek help from a doctor.

Why sweating forehead?

The reasons why people are constantly sweating forehead, can be very different. For example, some one has only to begin to engage in any activity as from their forehead with a hail of sweat starts pouring. While the rest of the body little or no sweating, or sweating, but in small quantities. The reason for this excessive sweating of the forehead can be weakly expressed in vascular dystonia. In other words, remind about yourself vessels, which have evolved unevenly in the body.
The increased sweating sometimes a person affected by depression and anxiety. It activates the nerve endings near the armpits, palms, head, and upper thighs. As a result the person begins to "flow stream".

Another reason for the sweating of forehead and face as a whole may be increased activity of the sympathetic nervous system, which is responsible for revitalization of various systems of internal organs. Doctors say that often sweating forehead with combined Palmar hyperhidrosis and blashing syndrome, when rashes appear as red spots. Often this leads to erythrophobia – fear of blushing in any given situation.

Excessive consumption of fatty, spicy and fried foods can also trigger sweating of the forehead and face. If it happens very rarely, then you should not worry. If your forehead sweats quite often and causes serious inconvenience, it is necessary to consult a doctor who will perform quality diagnosis, the results of which will prescribe the appropriate treatment.

What if's sweaty forehead?

Of course, a treat! Treatment can be quite different. It all depends on the origin of hyperhidrosis. Faithful and competent diagnosis needs to identify the causes of hyperhidrosis of the forehead and face, as well as help to choose the most effective method of treatment of this disease. For example, one of the methods of treatment of hyperhidrosis is the use of injections of Botox. They considerably reduce sweating of the forehead and entire face. This procedure has a good reputation in cosmetics and found to be quite effective.
People with excessive sweating of the forehead and other parts of the body, doctors recommend a special diet: you can not eat spicy and salty, to drink strong alcohol and coffee.

Sometimes for the treatment of hyperhidrosis of the forehead is necessary to resort to surgical intervention. This is a pretty easy procedure to recommend which can only be a doctor. The essence of this operation is to interrupt the nerve impulse generated in the spinal cord of man. He goes to the sweat glands. As a result, the sweat glands just suspended. A side effect of such treatment is to compensate for the frontal sweating excessive sweating of other body areas (e.g., underarms).