When hyperhidrosis you need to contact your local therapist. His skill is enough to determine the type of the disease. If it is the initial type, he will recommend you money, reduce sweating, and let go of the world. But if the physician suspects secondary hyperhidrosis, get ready for "the ordeal". Most likely, you will have to visit some office before final diagnosis.
The first thing the therapist will direct you to fluorogram, and with the result you go to the TB. As in recent years, again became widespread tuberculosis, it is important to immediately eliminate this terrible disease.
Sweating give three dozen infectious diseases, including sluggish flowing hidden. Flu, hepatitis, pneumonia even today are often developed without a rise of temperature, but sweating is called.
Well, if you don't have all these afflictions. Then it will be necessary to visit the dermatologist. Sweating often occurs when sweat glands become inflamed. We can not exclude local essential hyperhidrosis – this is when the face, palms and feet sweat every time at each stress.
Constantly wet areas of the body – one of the first symptoms of diabetes or thyroid lesions. If excessive sweating a person loses weight, suffers from insomnia, it becomes a whiny, there is a direct road to the endocrinologist – very much like the development of goiter.
Make an appointment with a cardiologist if in addition to sweating overcome a severe heart pain, nausea, occasionally there is fever. These symptoms may indicate the presence of angina, and also to be harbingers of a heart attack.
If instead of these additional symptoms occur pain in the lower back and lower abdomen, is the problem of urination, a weakness, need to see a urologist. Because it usually makes itself known inflammation of the kidneys – pyelonephritis.
It happens simultaneously with an increase in sweating swollen joints. It usually declares itself the incipient rheumatism. Because swelling of the joints like nothing else, forcing the sweat glands to work hard. There is a mandatory consultation of the rheumatologist.
Quickly sweating, especially after eating, in acute pancreatitis at an early stage. To a gastroenterologist you need to apply also if annoying stomach pain. Patients of this specialist and highly sweaty fat people with metabolic disorders.
My oncologist sent, when simultaneously with the increase of perspiration increase and lymph nodes. Malignant tumors often provoke hyperhidrosis. It is better to exclude the possibility of cancer than to diagnose it late.
When the person stops drinking or taking drugs, the body experiences severe stress, in which the glands produce a lot of sweat. To alleviate the condition such a person may be a psychiatrist, who will give recommendations.