Excessive sweating: a cosmetic defect or a sign of disease?

A large quantity of perspiration with an unpleasant odor spoils the clothes and develops a sense of insecurity. Cause excessive sweating does not always lies in the poor hygiene of the body.
The problem of the strong sweating it is impossible to solve the usual deodorants because they only hide the odor, without affecting the perspiration.
Often it is a consequence of hyperhidrosis, indicating serious deviations in health.

Causes of sweating can be such factors as:
• high ambient temperature;
• physical activity;
• psycho-emotional stress.

As to effect at least one of the factors sweat glands begin to allocate your product – a liquid composed of water, salts, urea and other substances. Once the pot is allocated on the surface of the skin, he immediately connected with sebum. Thus, the composition of sweat is determined by the intensity of its excretion and the substances contained in the blood. Along with then are excreted from the body many harmful substances. To speed up the process self-cleaning of the body, you can visit the bath or sauna.

Does the excess weight on the intensity of sweating?

For fat people strong sweating is more widespread, than people with normal weight. Particularly bothers them sweating underarms and other body areas with natural skin folds. Sweating can palms and feet.
To cope with the problem of sweaty palms you can, every day rinsing them with a solution. It is prepared from 1 teaspoon of salt dissolved in a glass of boiling water.

The sharp smell of sweat irritates others and ridicule towards sweating. Annoying and soiling of clothing stains of sweat, red, yellow, blue and green shades. This is due to the secretion of pigments in the process of metabolism in the body.

Why else can develop severe sweating?

Among other reasons for which a person may be sweating profusely, it is worth noting such serious pathology, such as:
• cardiovascular disease;
• malfunctions of the endocrine system;
• kidney dysfunction;
• tuberculosis, etc.

In addition, the increasing incidence of hyperhidrosis promotes wearing synthetic clothes and eat spicy food in large quantities.

How to cope with the problem of sweating at home

A tonic bath taken for about 30 minutes, improve body condition and cleanse the skin by giving it elasticity. For baths use decoctions of oak bark or infusion of sage.

50 g of oak bark can be combined with 200 g of oat straw, and pour collecting a bucket of water. Bringing the composition to a boil, it needs to brew for half an hour. An important condition of the procedure is the preliminary washing of the body, and after the bath, rinsing is not recommended.