Prophylaxis for eyes

To maintain visual acuity and eliminate the discomfort, it is necessary as a prophylactic means to use the eye drops. May eventually result in the destruction of the tear film and natural tears will quickly evaporate. For this reason, a person feels heaviness and tension of the eyeballs.
Using eye drops may be a few seconds to get rid of fatigue and discomfort.

Eye drops

There are drops of "visine. Clean tear". They are recommended by ophthalmologists for permanent use, to moisturize the eye, are composed of herbal ingredients. Plant TPS-formula allowed the drops to be a semblance of mucin - element tear film person. Drops have no contraindications and age restrictions. They are suitable for everyday use.
If a person has dry mucous membranes eyes, he wears contact lenses, drives a car, reads a lot and works on the computer, he just needs eye drops.

When choosing drops for eyes can pay attention to the drug "Aktipol". The components included in the composition of the droplets has no effect on the enzymes of healthy tissues and organs, but their dysfunction restore to normal. Drops have complex effects: protect from computer radiation, heal wounds, destroy inflammatory cells, accelerate the process of tissue regeneration and cell division.

The main component of the drug is para-aminobenzoic acid. Its activity thanks to the people, can regain comfort and confidence. In the "Antipole" does not include additives and preservatives, so there are no contraindications. While working at the computer it is necessary to drip one drop 2 times a day. Prevention course lasts 10 days, after which you should stop using the drops. Two weeks later the procedure can resume.

"Axial" is an effective eye drops when working at the computer. Their advantage is the possibility of backfilling without removing the lenses. Other products require removal of the contact lens that you wear for 15 minutes.

Doctor consultation

To buy eye drops possible without a prescription. But before that, it would be better to consult an ophthalmologist. As some components may be individual intolerance or Allergy. Usually, the doctor prescribes drops, and a month later their application will carry out an inspection to identify any abnormalities.

The symptoms of eye fatigue for a long time can not bother humans, but sooner or later will cause a deterioration of vision or damage the eye. So you need as quickly as possible to help your eyes. For this use eye drops and do eye exercise. Exercises will strengthen the eye muscles, thereby to maintain visual acuity for many years.