Shawls are so diverse that some of them can serve as a true ornament for the most festive outfits. They fit perfectly into the ensemble, conceived by the designer. Simpler shawls are a practical and elegant or both at the same time. Any shawl adds a hint of romance in the clothes, even the everyday and mundane. Woman nachinova shoulders shawl, turns into a mysterious stranger.

The selection of shawls

Flip through magazines and browse forums and sites on needlework. You will definitely choose a shawl is a good choice.

It depends on what needs to be related to your intended shawl: crochet or knitting. What you have is better?

Decide what techniques will be done, what threads knitted. Thin thread will make the shawl more elegant, but will require more time, patience and skill for knitting.

The shawl can be linked from individual motifs to crochet and to knit into one fabric. You can knit it from the angle or the straight part of the shawl, bringing the series into a corner. It can be in the form of a square. Triangular or square shape is a classic shawls. Bound at the edges with fringe or tassels and shawl can be considered complete.

Shawl, crocheted from the corner

Shawl that is knit from the corner, a very convenient option for inexperienced knitters, and quilters with experience.

Starting with the angle, you increase the canvas, without hesitation, will you have enough thread. At worst, you get just the scarf, but it will be the finished thing, and not another "nadavas" in your bins.

Very beautiful shawl, crochet the classic "pineapple" from the corner, easy to work with, but very effective.

From the choice of yarn thickness and hook depends, will your shawl elegant, delicate output thing or thick and warm, more practical. Both will adorn any lady and any suit.

Begin knitting with the schema

If it is possible to enlarge the diagram and print it, not to tire the eye discern fine details on the screen, do it.

Understand whether all the symbols you understand. If you have questions, ask them before you start knitting. Are you familiar with the techniques of knitting, which are indicated in the scheme of criminal icons. Remake no one wants, therefore, to explore the unknown action in advance will be helpful.

Starts knitting shawls "with angle pattern pineapple" with a ring of 8 loops. It formed the first number of which will be used in all subsequent rows. They form a pattern of "pineapples" throughout the web of the future shawls.

The rows are added through gradual and consistent vyvazhivanija columns one and two yo, alternating with a chain of air loops. Be careful when counting loops and columns. Worth a couple of times to be mistaken with the number of chains and bars, instantly broken symmetry, and your shawl will not be evenly triangular, oblique and curve.

After the triangle cloth crocheted to the desired size, decorate it around the edges with tassels. It's easy to do on a flat cut into segments of yarn from which knit the shawl.

Collect the cut pieces of thread of several strands in the beam.

Now you need to push folded twice puchochki to the edge of the shawl. In the formed loop and pass both ends of the future of the brush, tighten. One brush ready. It remains to decorate these brushes the entire shawl and start to be proud of their work.

Associated with your hands shawl will warm the body during cold and soul in moments of adversity.