The proposed tie dressy shawl trimmed with shiny sequins and fringe. This job easy to handle even for a beginner knitter because all product is made and hosiery knitting loops with stitches.
Before you start, you need to calculate the total number of loops in knitting. Dial on the spokes ten loops and provarite 10 rows of pattern which will be used to knit shawls.
Calculate the number of loops per 1 inch of knitting. Accordingly, it will be calculated the total number of loops that you need to dial to start knitting. How to knit a shawl on the needles to get a beautiful thing without any financial cost? Use in the finished product fancy decorative elements - embroidery, tassels, sequins, and even fur.
Dial on the spokes of a symmetrical number of loops, plus one center loop and two-lipped. Knitting is performed of the front loops and rows of loops with stitches. Provarite front loops five rows. In the sixth row before each loop, make a yo. Seventh, purl a row, promazyvaya in the following manner - facial, yo not remove promazyvaya. In the end, you should get the loops a little longer than in previous series.
Alternate knitting in black yarn and yarn with a lurex thread. To change the yarn better in every seven rows. But you can choose another scheme of alternation. To the finished shawl has acquired the necessary form, in the middle need to purl three stitches together. In the first row of knitting note the loop in the center to make it easier not to stray in the calculations. In every second row promazyvaya together three loops in the center. Continue knitting until, until the spokes will not remain three loops. The shawl is finished.
Now she needs to shape. Should you get a triangle with smooth edges. Lightly moisten the finished product and stretch it on a soft surface, priseli the edges with a pin. Leave it to air dry.
Now that the shawl is ready, you can start decorating. Take a fine needle and silk thread. With their help, to sew sequins shawls, distributing them over the surface of the shawl evenly. Golden yarn cut brush, long 10-15 cm. Tie the edges of the shawl using crochet hook, you first columns without nakida, and then by a border of loops. Secure the protrusions between the edges of the finished brush.