You will need
  • calculator;
  • roulette.
Take a single red (silicate) brick that has a standard size 250h120h65 mm, and referred to in documents as 1.0. Calculate the amount in 1 cubic meter - get 513 pieces, and weight is 3.6 kg (hollow, weighs 2.5 kg). Find out from the seller the average density of material to calculate the exact weight of 1 cu. m (weight can range from 1200 to 1800 kg).
Take half a red or a silicate brick in standard size and one half 250x120x88 mm, in documents referred to as the 1.5.0. Count how many will fit in 1 cubic meter you Get about 379 products. The mass of one single full-bodied brick 5.4 kg, hollow - 3.75 kg.
Take a double red or sand-lime brick having standard dimensions mm 250х120х138 referred to in the documents as a 2.0. Calculate the amount in 1 cubic meter you Get about 200 pieces. The mass of solid double brick is 7.2 kg, core 5 kg.
Go to the standard pallet of bricks and a tape measure, measure all the brick, if it is laid in the shape of rectangle or square. Make sure that at the 1st pan fits 1 cubic meter of material.