The main component of the composition of any brick is clay. The production of bricks used various types of clay and impurities. But depending on the varieties of bricks, the composition may change.

What is it made of sand-lime brick

White silicate brick is the most popular and inexpensive building material. It consists of only ecologically safe substances. Approximately ninety percent sand-lime brick consists of purified quartz sand, and ten percent of water and lime. Depending on the method of its production percentages can change.

Usually sand used to produce bricks, is a very thorough treatment. It is purified from all sorts of clay and organic impurities, as impurities reduce the strength of the product. Lime, part lime bricks also must have a specific chemical composition. For example, the MgO content in lime may not contain more than five percent. To create bricks usually uses ground quicklime.

The composition of the red brick

Red brick has long been recognized as the most reliable and versatile building material. This natural material is created from clay. Depending on the content of iron changes the color of the brick. The bricks are red in color usually get from krasnogruda clay. If the white-burning clay, the brick will gain an apricot shade. Often in the bricks added a certain pigment additive.

To obtain high-quality red brick used homogenous clay, which is extracted fine fraction. By properly selected components depends on the quality of the resulting products.

What makes ceramic bricks

Ceramic building bricks or actively used for construction of bearing wall construction and interior partitions. Quality brick should be made of constant composition and clay fines. The correct process of firing clay is dissolving refractory elements. While respecting the right technology for the forming and drying of raw materials get most durable ceramic bricks.

Depending on the components of the brick can be light yellow or dark brown. Now often used pigmentation of ceramic bricks with the purpose of giving him certain hints.