Advice 1: How much concrete for house construction

To calculate the required number of aerocrete for building homes there is a simple method. But before count, you need to have a project in which the dimensions of the walls, both external and internal, dimensions and number of door and window openings, the number and height of floors, pediments, mansard floor. Also, you need to determine the type of block and its dimensions.
How much concrete for house construction

Calculation of aerated concrete for the exterior walls of the house

For the calculation will be reviewed following project: the house is one storey with dimensions of exterior walls 6×9 m, height of the first floor is 3 m, an attic with a height of 2.5 m, the roof gable. Foam block for masonry in a single layer is applied with length, width and height respectively 625×300×250 mm.
The main parameter of the foam block is its width, which is associated with strength and insulation. When choosing aerated concrete, consider the load on the unit and the climatic conditions in which you will apply this material.

First you need to know how many square feet of walls available. The perimeter of all walls: (6+9)*2=30 Now you can calculate the area, knowing the height of the wall: 30*3=90 sq. m. Of the found value we must deduct the area of all window and door openings. Assume that the house contains 10 Windows with a total area of 18 square meters and two doors with an area of 4 sq. m. Thus, the total area of the walls is: 90-(18+4)=68 sq. m.
At desire it is possible to consider the so-called bandaging of angles. Have in mind that the area of the part of the unit, which falls at the junction of the two walls, should be attributed only to one of the walls.

It is now possible to determine the number of gas-concrete blocks required for the construction of the first floor. The area is divided into the length and height of the block (it is important not to forget to translate millimeters to meters): 68/0,625/0,250=435,2. (by rounding have 435 units).
Here, the aerated concrete can not count the pieces but in cubic meters by multiplying the area of walls, thickness of masonry, i.e. of the foam block: 68*0,300=20,4 cubic m.

Calculation of aerated concrete for attic floor

Will be considered the attic is triangular in shape. Therefore, the area of the triangle is determined by multiplying the base by half the altitude. In this case, the height is 2.5 m, and the base (it is the same width of the house) is 6 m. so the area of one side of the attic is: 6*2,5/2=7.5 sq m, and two sides, respectively, 15 sq. m.
The attic can be triangular, circular, pyramidal, polygonal, symmetrical and not, etc. Therefore, when calculating the walls of the attic floor it is necessary to take into account the specific geometric shape.

Now we need to consider existing attic Windows. Accepted area of window openings on this floor 3 sq. m. so, the total area of the walls of the attic floor will be: 15-3=12 sq. m.

Next is to calculate the number of gas-concrete blocks required for the construction of the attic: 12/0,625/0,250=76,8 PCs. (rounded to 77). Now it is easy to find the total number of blocks for the exterior walls of the house: 435+77=512 aerated concrete block.
The resulting number is desirable to increase by 5% to compensate for battle with a chance of marriage or the necessary cut. This is true for the number of blocks on the inner walls.

Calculation of aerated concrete for the internal walls of the house

The project allowed that internal load-bearing walls are made of aerated blocks of the same size as the outer, and their total perimeter is assumed to be 12 m. the Area of load-bearing walls will be 12*3=36 sq. m. Number of blocks equal to 230 units (36/0,625/0,250=PCs. at $ 230.4). In the presence of door openings should be recorded.

It remains to carry out similar calculations for the inner walls, not forgetting about the doorways. As a rule, in this case, the blocks thinner than the outer and supporting walls. If the calculation of aerated concrete is in pieces, it takes into account the length and height of the block. In the case of the calculation in cubic meters, you should consider the change in the thickness of partition blocks. This is due to the fact that such a unit is placed "squarely".


In most cases, the price of gas blocks are for 1 cu. m. Therefore, things must be in Cuba. To do this multiply the size of one block on their total number. For example, for the exterior walls of the house will require concrete in cubic meters: 0,625*0,300*0,250*512=24 CBM Now, knowing the price per cubic meter of concrete, it is easy to determine the cost of 24 cube foam blocks.

Advice 2: Cheap house designs of aerated concrete and foam block

Has long been a trendy low-rise construction of aerated concrete and foamed concrete – cellular concrete varieties. This material is most reliable, technologically advanced, affordable and economical. It should be noted that the foam and aerated concrete is produced by different technologies, so they have some differences. But in comparison with other building materials aerated concrete has the advantages of: wire mesh units easily into any shape, they are durable, are light weight, have good insulating properties.
Cheap house designs of aerated concrete and foam block

The structure and composition of materials

And the foam blocks and aerated concrete are artificial construction material with a porous structure. The blocks, unlike concrete, have closed pores. This allows the material to sink in water, have excellent heat and sound insulation properties. As for the concrete, the material should not be used for construction of the Foundation and the building project made from this material must provide a high quality exterior finish. The fact is that concrete has small cracks and therefore has a lower sound insulation properties and can not maintain a constant room humidity.

Unlike wood, artificial material, not afraid of house fungus or mold. That is a good quality especially noted by the owners of country houses, baths and other buildings, often built from wood.

In the production process of aerated concrete using natural materials: water, cement, lime, sand, foam, aluminum powder, making concrete blocks, and concrete, are environmentally friendly building materials. In addition, the blocks are easy to handle, allowing considerably to save money and not buy extra material. Please note that the foam blocks and aerated concrete differs, so they can be cut and laid in any convenient side. The main conclusion is that to build houses of foam blocks and aerated concrete is not only easy and convenient but also economical.

If we talk about the production of materials, to produce a foam block is not difficult, gives it a competitive advantage in price and makes it more demanded in the market. However, due to the simple method of production of foam concrete is the main contender for forgery. Produced by artisanal method, the material loses all its essential properties and becomes less suitable for construction. But the autoclaved aerated concrete produced by a method that is more costly, and so the material is more expensive.

Building blocks are very economical, and the building itself does not require additional care.

It is worth noting that, despite the impressive size, and foam-concrete and gas-concrete blocks due to porous structure are light, so the construction work can be done independently, without additional helpers. Another benefit of building blocks is their variety and a great choice for interior and exterior construction work.

In respect of the perceived downsides of the materials, there is need to note the following: all of its faults the building blocks fully transferred to the entire structure. Therefore it is necessary to consider, first, that the material is fragile. Second, the foam is not breathable. Therefore, a country house of foam may not be suitable for residents with lung disease. Thirdly, in a strong fire the wood burn well. And fourth, the composition of the concrete is lime, which is corrosive to metal.

Construction of aerated concrete

The building, built of aerated concrete, is fire safety, excellent insulation, durability and economy. Experts say that aerocrete almost combines all the best qualities of wood and stone main building materials, which, unfortunately, are not as accessible as cellular concrete. It should also be noted that the materials perfectly keep the building comfortable atmosphere. Cellular concrete are perfectly combined with various roofing materials and any insulation.

To build any house made of blocks – it's not difficult, because the block material can be easily planed, drilled and milled. The construction may include various arches, pediments and other decorative elements. Cheap house built of foam blocks, could be a great option as a summer country cottage, and a house where you can live all year round. Good heat-insulating properties possessed by the foam block, make it an excellent material for building baths.

Bath of foam blocks is no different from the wooden structures. This work does not require anything special and can be completed even by a beginner. All you need is to find the right project baths or to download a free project from the Internet. If you want you can buy a sample project by contacting the appropriate project service. When the finished project will be you have on hand, all you need is to buy all the necessary building materials - concrete blocks or aerated concrete and other components and start building.

Construction units should choose quality. Best place to buy foam blocks from the manufacturer or, if this is not possible, using proven hardware store. Properties of cellular concrete make it very convenient and easy to accommodate in all communications. The main thing here is to properly plan the location of the communication and not to miss anything.

Experts recommend be reinforced every few rows of blocks with a special mesh to masonry was more durable.

Thanks to modern artificial materials to build a quality home quickly and inexpensively. The construction of the blocks is a good budget option, and therefore the material is often used for country building, as well as the construction of baths and saunas. Blocks of foam concrete and aerated blocks you can easily create the desired shape. The material does not require costly masonry mortar or adhesive, has good sound insulating properties, retains heat very well and its lightweight design does not weigh down the walls of the building. The project houses of foam blocks you can build in a short time. Environmentally friendly building materials aerated concrete and concrete blocks are the most popular materials of modern low-rise building.

Advice 3: You need to build a house

According to the statistical surveys of Russia's population, over 70% of respondents prefer to live in a private home. Most of them would like to build a house for his family on his own project, which would be consistent with their individual wishes and needs.
You need to build a house
Construction of private homes is a complicated, expensive, but at the same time extremely exciting process. Before the construction of the house, you have a long way to go, because the house is not only walls, but also site selection, preparation of documents, creation of project, a cost calculation. And only after all these preliminary works, you are ready to buy building material and the construction.

What documents do I need to build a house

After the selection of a site for construction of a private house it is necessary to issue the relevant documents on it and to obtain permission to build on it.

The right of possession of land defines a contract of sale or order of administration of the settlement on its allocation to a private person, passport section with its detailed plan, address and description of features.

After obtaining a building permit you can begin to create a building project. Doing this usually specialist companies, whose employees are in the design take into account the characteristics of the soil, its location, climatic conditions of the region. In addition, they will provide the necessary guidance on the choice of construction materials that will last as long as possible in this region, and estimate of construction.

After approval of the project house in the administration of the settlement should be to permit communications to the site. After all, without the availability of water and electricity to perform work is uncomfortable and difficult, and the construction will take a very long time.

What materials are needed to build a house

For construction of residential house will need a huge amount of different building materials. Certain materials are better to buy in stages, as during the execution of the works subject to adjustments in the project, and some of them may not be suitable for some parameters.

In the first phase of construction acquired the basic material, some of which will be erected the walls of a building, for example, a wooden block, brick or concrete panels. In addition, before construction of the walls will need to prepare the ground for them – a Foundation. Will need a heater, and means for pre-finishing of walls and materials to protect them from exposure to the environment.

The second phase of construction – the construction of the roof. Would need the rafters and roofing material. After the end is erected a roof, start vysilani sexes.

To conduct communications required of the pipe corresponding to the type of supply for water or katopodi. For electricity and telephone lines necessary wooden supports and cable.

And only on the fourth and fifth stages starts the external and internal decoration of the house. The choice of materials depends on the type of interior, and their estimated cost, from the willingness and financial capabilities of the owner.
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