Advice 1: How to make a passport in Ivanovo

For travel outside the Russian Federation needed a passport. It drawn up and issued in the Department of migration service at the place of registration. In Ivanovo submit documents for registration at two locations: Tashkent street, 86g and Oktyabrskaya str., 22A.
Passport in Ivanovo
You will need
  • - fill in the application form;
  • - collect the necessary documents.
The issue of the passport is by appointment only. At the beginning of the working day is done recording for the day. In both divisions the same work schedule: Monday open from 09:00 to 18:00, Tuesday and Thursday from 11:00 to 20:00, Wednesday — 09:00 to 13:00, Friday and Saturday from 09:00 to 16:00.
Additionally accept documents on registration of passports in MFTS the city of Ivanovo, located on Sovetskaya street, 25. In the multifunctional room where you can leave the application for a passport of the old sample. The finished document is issued to the FMS at Tashkent, 86,
The list of required documents consists of the original passports and copies of the pages bearing the information about the owner, the receipt with a paid stamp duty and photos. The state duty for the passport of the new sample in adults is 2500 p., children up to 14 years — 1,200 p., for the old model 300 and 1000 p. p. respectively. For a new document with the biochip requires 2 photos with size 3*4, color or black and white resolution, for passport of the old sample — 3 image. From 1 January 2014 are not required to provide the original or a certified accounting copy of the work record. Also it is not necessary to assure the employer the application form. Males should bring a military ID or a certificate from the recruiting office. Pensioners should provide pensioner's card.
The application form can be downloaded from the website of the Federal migration service and complete it on the computer or with a pen in black ink. Writing should be strictly in capital letters. The application form also can be taken from the employees of the migration service. In the unit when you receive the documents they photograph for the passport of the new generation.
The readiness of the passport, you can track on the website of the Federal migration service for the Ivanovo — in the section "Service readiness passports". Also you can submit documents via the portal of state services To enter your personal account will need a social security number and activation code that you can use in sales offices "Rostelecom" and in post offices. After login we need to find the required service competently and to fill all the steps. You will need to upload photos to the desired size and pixels. As an employee of the Federal migration service will take the application to the specified email address comes to the notice of invitation to photography. A passport is prepared within a month.

Advice 2: Is it possible to issue the passport of the old model in 2014

Passport - the main document which should have the citizen of the Russian Federation at departure abroad. While today citizens are issued two types of passports - old and new model.
Is it possible to issue the passport of the old model in 2014
Currently on the territory of the Russian Federation, the issuance of passports to its citizens is the Federal migration service of the Russian Federation.

The passport of the old sample

FMS today are results of foreign passports of two basic types. The first of them - the so-called passport of the old sample: he has the same name because this sample document was issued before the others. It is a stitched book, consisting of paper pages.

On the last page recorded all of the basic information about the owner of the document - his name and surname, date and place of birth, and term of issue, validity period and other information. It is the validity is a main difference between the old-style passports from other types of documents: he is 5 years from the date of issue.

Another version of the document for travel abroad, which today is available to citizens of the Russian Federation, is the so-called passport of the new sample, which is a document of a similar kind, provided, however, the electronic data carrier on which computer readable form recorded all the basic information about the owner of the passport. The validity of such a document is 10 years from the date of issuance.

A passport of the old sample

To date, the passport of the new sample is a more modern type of document that provides more effective protection against counterfeiting. However, citizens of the Russian Federation shall have the right to determine what type of passport they want to: thus, in the case that they wish to receive the passport of the old sample, they are free to do it.

It is necessary to apply to the Department of the FMS at the place of permanent residence or the one that is closest to the actual place of residence. Employees will be required to provide a statement about passport photos taken in accordance with the requirements of the FMS, the receipt confirming the payment of state duty for issue services document, a regular civilian passport. Once you show it to them, and thus confirm his identity, the Russian passport will be returned to you.

One of the arguments that can serve to choose a passport of the old sample, is the size of the state fee payable for the issuance of this document. So, the fee for issuance of a passport of the old sample to date is 1000 rubles, while for obtaining new passports will have to pay 2,500 rubles.
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