Why change from helium voice?

The voice is the vibration of sound, caused by vibrations of the vocal cords. His timbre and frequency fluctuations of the ligaments depend on the density of the surrounding medium.

The density of helium is almost 7 times smaller than ordinary air. Inhalation of this inert gas voice box, increasing the frequency of their oscillations, and the voice sounds high pitched. Sounds someone resemble the voice of a little cartoon character, and someone- squeak mouse or the speech of an infant. But, in any case, others becomes fun.

But after inhaling fluoride sulfur heavy gas which is 5 times denser than air, even the girls start talking of low bass.

Is inhaling helium safe?

Overall, this game is considered to be quite safe, since the gas in the human body gets oxygen. In addition, to recognize inhaling helium man is hard, perhaps with the exception of the moment when he starts to say something.

And the gas itself can not be determined — it possesses neither odour nor taste. However, helium may be some side effects.

Some people may experience signs of oxygen deficiency such as dizziness, headache, shortness of breath, nausea. Vocal cords while inhaling helium oscillate with higher frequency, which causes the desired effect, but they can be damaged, and this process is considered irreversible.

Deep breaths of that inert gas is able to trigger the formation of helium bubbles in the blood. When they reach the brain they can cause a stroke and even lead to death.

It may be unsafe and the usual glut of lungs with helium, when the oxygen content in the human body will be significantly reduced.

Here's another interesting fact: if a person is to place in the cell, which is filled only with helium, after a while he will suffocate. This is due to the fact that this gas contains only a couple tenths of a percent of oxygen.

In addition to this we can add that the indulgence of helium is especially dangerous for pregnant women, not only for the mother but for her baby. But because it's best just to admire the light bulbs, trying not to breathe the gas contained in them.

Deciding to try the effect of "laughing gas," do not inhale at one time a large amount of helium. It is better to make several small breaths, and when the action of the gas pass, try again, just do not overdo it, because health and life are most important.