Increase calorie consumption

Try to eat dense food, they contain a lot of calories. At the same time ensure that this food was healthy, like dark chocolate, nuts, avocado, bread and pasta from whole grains, meat, oily fish, etc. There are other products that are rich in calories, for example, fast food, fried potatoes, all sorts of fatty snacks and desserts, etc. They will also help to gain weight quickly, but excessive consumption can lead to health problems. Also recruited with their help, the weight will consist mainly of unhealthy fats. In order not to consume too large portions, pripravljena natural sauces and spreads, they are also rich in calories. A large amount of calories can also be found in 100% fruit juices, 2% milk, sports drinks, smoothies and journals.


People who are trying to regain your weight after anorexia, it is difficult to select the right diet and nutrition. Be sure to contact us with similar questions to the nutritionists. To ensure proper weight gain without harm for health, it is necessary to consider many factors, such as gender, age, level of fitness etc.

Eat more often

Get yourself in the habit of snacking between meals. Do not ignore the signals your stomach if you feel hungry, eat. Try not to overload the body heavy food. You can eat in all day light, healthy foods, such as berries. They will not only help to increase the level of calories in your body, but will make the process of gaining weight fast and healthy.

Physical exercise

Gaining weight after anorexia, it is important to combine healthy eating with physical activity. Training in the gym will help increase your weight due to muscle gain. In addition, constant physical activity will make you eat more and consume more servings.

Contact the specialists

If you suffer from anorexia, eating large portions can cause pain in the stomach. In most cases this is normal and will soon pass. At the same time, remember that anorexia is a pretty serious disease that can be life-threatening. Do not attempt to self-medicate without consulting with experts. You may need special therapy or even hospitalization.