Ask for help. If you realize that yourself can not adequately assess your weight and condition, then you need the help of competent professionals. They will help assess the extent of the disease and prescribe the necessary treatment.
Agree with the course of treatment. It can include intravenous nutrition, your body receives the necessary components and the course of treatment in a psychiatric hospital, after which you can objectively assess your weight.
Stick to bed rest. Because the body is extremely weak and needs rest, it needs to fully provide the necessary. Temporary relief is deceptive – for a long time, the body weakened, and he will need more time to recover.
Consult a doctor-dietitian. It will take into account the peculiarities of your body and will prescribe such a diet, which helps you to restore vitality and enhance overall health. Do not neglect the assigned diet. Usually it lasts for 6 meals a day high calorie diet. This power system is directed to the body as soon as possible is recovered, and the lost weight has returned. With proper nutrition it is really during the month to gain about 3 pounds.
Attend group psychological support. Here you will be able to cope with emotional difficulties that caused your disease, learn how to relate to their appearance and nutrition in General. In addition, in these groups you will meet people who are struggling with the same problem, and together can defeat her, together sharing what we learned.
Ask relatives to consult a psychologist. Their behavior depends on your speedy recovery at home. Receiving advice, they will be able to protect you from possible breakdowns that would slow the rehabilitation process.
Keep optimistic. It is important in the treatment of any disease (especially anorexia) because there is a possibility of disruption that you need to learn to prevent or successfully overcome.