How did green tea affects blood pressure? Reduces, increases or normalizes? Modern scholars have expressed different assumptions about this, quite the opposite.

The composition of green tea includes caffeine, it is one of the main elements. Caffeine in tea even more than coffee. Based on this fact, some believe that green tea can increase the pressure.

On the other hand, in the composition of tea includes catechin. This leads to such properties of green tea, as a mild reduction of pressure, expanding blood vessels, thinning the blood and improving blood flow.

What is the effect of green tea on hypertensive?

Caffeine has a tonic effect on blood vessels and heart, making blood pressure rises. However, vascular tone quickly returned to normal, and blood pressure returns to normal.

This effect is very positive for hypertension. According to Japanese scientists, people with high blood pressure should regularly drink green tea to lower blood pressure. According to their observations, in hypertensive patients who consumed for a long time, green tea, blood pressure was reduced by 10-20%.

To lower the pressure, you need to brew tea in a special way. First you need to rinse the leaves with boiled water, then pour the tea with boiling water, at the rate of 6 grams of tea in 200 grams of water. Infuse 10 minutes, drink three times a day after meals.

It is important to reduce daily fluid intake to 1.2 liters in order to not overload the cardiovascular system. The effect of drinking green tea only if it is good quality and fresh.

Can green tea to normalize blood pressure?

Green tea – this is not a universal remedy for all diseases. If you regularly eat quality foods to lead a healthy lifestyle, eat a healthy diet, it is possible to normalize the pressure.

Effect of green tea on the body is multifaceted:

- it strengthens blood vessels;
also thins the blood;
- reduces the risk of heart attack;
- relieves headaches;
- stimulates the heart.

Providing a restorative effect on the body, this drink helps to reduce the pressure in hypertensive patients and increase hypotensive.

To achieve a stable effect it is necessary to use other methods of normalizing the blood pressure. People with low pressure to improve it you should exercise, walk in the fresh air, sleep 8-9 hours, take a contrast shower, eat a healthy diet and, of course, drink green tea.