Sleep phase

Scientists distinguish two main types of sleep: slow and fast. At the stage of slow sleep is physical recovery of the body: while a person falls asleep, his tissues are restored, the body is prepared for the upcoming activities. At the stage of NREM sleep dreaming man sees. While the body sleeps, the brain orders received during the wakefulness information, reorganizes, and distributes it "through".

What this says about the science

During REM sleep the human brain is looking for answers to questions, analyzes the experiences and responds to received images in the way he would respond to them during wakefulness. Professor Sechenov argued that dreams which came to man during REM sleep, have a reflective nature. It is REM sleep a person "falls in" to another reality, and sees a distinct and clear picture.

According to Freud, man is trying to realize in the dream, your hidden desire. Freed from the inherent period of wakefulness psychological conflicts, the brain starts to freely "float" as I thought of such things he never allowed himself to think in real life. According to the teachings of Freud, the human dream is symbolic: there is only how to look at dream symbols and understand what it really wants.

What happens during REM sleep

The duration of REM sleep from 5 to 45 minutes. In his book "Psychology of dreams" T. Smirnov described this phase. During this period a person's eyes move as if they were watching someone very fast or want to see someone in a large crowd. Increased respiratory rate and heart rate occasionally rises blood pressure, muscle twitching. 7 out of 10 people awakened during REM sleep, talk about their dreams.

Can I control my dreams?

There is an interesting variation of dreams – Lucene, or clear. Clear dreams come during REM sleep. Before lucidum dreams attached occult significance: what could be more surprising than the ability to manage your own sleep? This kind of visions opened scientists S. Laberge and K. Hearn in the 80-ies of the last century.

Most surprising in this state of consciousness that dreams can be controlled. The man clearly understands that he was asleep, so he thinks, acts and moves like he would in the real world. Scientists Laberge and Hiro had to try very hard to ensure that the scientific world has recognized the existence of clear dreams.