You will need
  • -passports of all parties involved
  • -title documents on a purchase
  • -agreement of purchase and sale
  • -notarized authorization of all owners for sale
  • -the cadastral passport if you buy a house with land
  • -receipt about payment of state duty for registration
During the registration transaction, you must have the documents does not allow to avoid risks and secure purchases. So ask the seller to provide additional documents certifying the purity and safety of purchased purchase. This is a huge list of documents at registration of the transaction and the contract of sale is not involved, but the cleanliness and security of the transaction guaranteed. The seller must submit:
The inquiry about absence of arrest, restrictions and prohibitions on selling the property.
Extract from the USRR.
Proof of payment of all contributions for the property.
Certificate of absence of all debts.
Help on who owns the property.
A certificate stating that all of ilici was discharged.
The failure of co-owners and stolikov from preemptive rights.
Help what are the encumbrances or restrictions in the use of this property.
A certificate of confirmation that boundary disputes on property exist.
Checking all the identification documents of seller, all documents on property it is possible to go to the notary for conclusion of a contract of sale. At its conclusion also follows certain rules. Not properly drafted and signed contract null and void.
The contract must include the following information:
Date and place of its conclusion.
All the information about the parties to the transaction. Complete and accurate details of the participants.
Includes information about the subject about which the contract is concluded.
Is written the date of conclusion of the contract. Specify the period of validity of this agreement.
The amount and procedure of payments for the purchase.
Responsibilities of the parties.
Professional notary knows how to perfectly form contracts of sale, but still these data should be read carefully and verify their accuracy. The price for purchasing it is better to specify real, not too low and not on the basis of inventory valuation the purchase.
After conclusion of the contract of sale your right to purchase you must register at the public registration center. Only after that you will be the rightful owner.