The toothbrush is, first and foremost, the subject of hygiene, which must be kept perfectly clean. Even absolutely healthy people in the mouth billions of bacteria. After brushing most of them remain on the toothbrush bristles. If they are not destroyed, they begin their rapid reproduction. This leads to the fact that when brushing your teeth to bacteria located in your mouth, you add more bacteria with the toothbrush. After some time, the number of bacteria on the brush increases several times, plus they are joined by more and microbes in the environment. So over time, your brush gets all the possible types of organisms that can harm not only the teeth and gums, but also throughout the body as a whole. In addition, after a certain time, the brush loses its original appearance, the bristles bristle, brush becomes loose and not able to clean the teeth from plaque. Protruding bristles can injure the gums that can cause periodontal disease and other oral diseases.
In General, the shelf life of the toothbrush depends on its quality and your method of cleaning the teeth. Some brush can come into disrepair after two or three weeks, and in others, and in a year and will not lose its shape. But in spite of that, the brush needs to be changed at least four times a year. Some dentists recommend to change toothbrush after sickness, especially if she was infectious. All the viruses and germs that caused the disease to settle on the toothbrush, and their number starts to increase. The man recovered, but the body is still weakened by the fight against infection, so the risk of re-infection is very high.
Most people are trying by all means to simplify your life. Manufacturers, knowing this, looking for new opportunities to please customers and is constantly delight customers. For example, went on sale brush with color indicators. Outwardly, it looks like a normal insertion of the setae of a different color. In fact, the purpose of these brushes is to remind the owner about their lifetime. Over time, the color of these setae becoming more and more pale, and after three months it becomes completely white, and it provided regular twice-a-day hygiene of the oral cavity.
To prevent the breeding of bacteria and destruction have appeared on the brush has a special sterilizers for toothbrushes. Effectively storing brushes in a case, but only under the condition that the brush is absolutely dry. Otherwise in a humid closed environment, bacteria will multiply much more active.