As you know, always meet on clothes. This expression does not mean that when we first met, it pays attention exclusively to the wardrobe of any person. Actually, everything is important, and a beautiful smile is one of the most important aspects that determine the impression of communicating with the person. Unfortunately, even the smooth, beautiful and healthy teeth deteriorate over time, and not always the usual filling allows you to cope with this problem.

In the most severe cases on top of the destroyed tooth crown is installed. It completely hides under the visible part of the tooth. The crown is made in the laboratory and fully recreates all the anatomical features of the tooth, on which is installed. A good dentist takes into account the structure not only adjacent to the crown of the teeth, but the teeth located on the second jaw to the crown was an exact replica of a native tooth.

In some cases, dentists recommend a crown?

The most common reason for fitting a crown can provide a high degree of tooth decay. In this case, the dentist will honestly tell you that the re-establishment of the tooth – the process is long, complicated and very costly, and the result of it is unlikely to persist. Sometimes it is wiser sometimes to radically solve the problem, to heal the roots of the tooth and setting it on top of the crown.

Another common reason for fitting a crown is a situation in which the trauma the tooth has suffered so much that it cannot be recovered. The crown in this case is used for aesthetic purposes.

The third option when installing the crown, this pathological abrasion "native" of the tooth in which filling is only a short-term solution. Metal, ceramic, and cermet, which is usually made crown is a very durable material, little affected by abrasion.

Finally, the crown is made of high quality material in a laboratory environment with all the features of the location surrounding the teeth in the oral cavity. This allows you to make it more aesthetically pleasing than was originally native tooth. Remember the "Hollywood" smiles of some of the movie stars of yesteryear – that of the crown set on top is not ideal from the nature of the teeth, make them so perfect.

Is there a worthy alternative to the installation of crowns?

In principle, modern technologies allow to recreate the tooth, which left only the root. Used in dentistry today, restorative materials and pins allow the system to restore the tooth without much difficulty. Another thing is that this design may be short-lived, and the pin may be rejected by the body for various reasons. This does not mean that the seal installation – it is basically useless, but we can not exclude the situation in which the tooth filling may be only a temporary solution, followed by covering it with a crown.

The feasibility of conventional treatment of the tooth or installing a crown is always determined by an experienced dentist. If you doubt his decision, you can consult with several specialists to determine the treatment under the control of them, which is the most authoritative.