You will need
  • - bath or sink;
  • - wet wipes for children.
In the hospital the baby nurses usually display this option: you put the baby on your arm so that most of his torso was placed on your forearm. Palm you hold the child's far shoulder. This posture allows you to additionally hold the baby's head. To wash away so baby is very comfortable under the tap in the bathroom. If tempted baby in this position, be careful to avoid pressure on the abdomen, as the child may spit up food.
You can keep baby in another way: the baby's head rests on your shoulder, and the back is on the forearm. With the same hand you are holding the child in one leg or both, under the knees. This posture is more comfortable when using the sink or basin and it is recommended to use when cleaning girls, as in this case, the water flow is directed from the groin to the anus, which prevents the penetration of bacteria in the groin area of the baby.
Manufacturers of children's cosmetics offer a variety of wipes for the hygiene of babies. They are very comfortable, if there is no water on the walk, in the car, in a cafe. Thus the child can keep on their lap, or put on a suitable surface. But, despite the ease of use wipes, try to limit their use, as the substances contained in the treatment, can cause allergies.