How to choose a good iron?

The most important part of the iron is, of course, sole. On the shelves you can find irons with platforms made of aluminium, stainless steel, Teflon and ceramic coating.

The most practical is considered to be the sole stainless steel. It glides well on fabric, facilitating the process of Ironing. Such a surface is durable, easy to clean.

Very good slide irons have ceramic-coated soles. But these irons require careful treatment, because the ceramic is very fragile. If the sole is scratched or chipped, ceramic coated will soon exfoliate.

Irons with aluminum sole light. They heat up quickly and cool down, but are long, because aluminum quickly scratches and dents.

Irons with Teflon coating designed to prevent sticking of the fabric. But iron this iron is difficult – it slips badly on fabric.

Having defined the cover, note the position of the holes in the sole. For a quality crimper, they must be dispersed across the surface of the platform.

It is desirable that the iron has been equipped with function of self-cleaning from scale – it will prolong his life.

If you don't iron every day huge piles of Laundry, the best is to choose the iron with a capacity of 1500-1700 watts. Irons with the power to quickly reach the desired temperature and form a good vapor.

Do not choose too light iron – it can't cope with big things. If the iron is too heavy, you get tired quickly. Optimal for iron is the weight 1.5 kg.

Another important detail of the iron cord. Its length should be not less than 2 m. it is Possible to acquire iron without the cord. But due to the fact that the iron you need every 11 seconds to put on additional charge, they will be uncomfortable to iron things like sheets and duvet covers.

What is the similarity and difference of the irons Brawn, Philips and Tefal?

In each of these brands, you can find a model of iron to suit the need of the buyer. This iron has the optimum capacity, has a weight up to 2 kg, provided with a function of steam treatment, glides well on fabric.

Brawn, Philips and Tefal – worthy brands that produce quality flat irons. Every company does not lag behind its competitors and at the same time trying to invent something special to please a customer. Therefore, the choice of iron specific brand is a matter of taste. Here the crucial role played by additional features of iron - or rather, your personal interest in a particular function.

For example, Philips irons have a high capacity of up to 2400 watts and have a high quality durable sole made of anodized aluminum. This company has developed heat-resistant storage pouch of iron. This case can be worn on a red-hot iron and then hide it in the closet.

Irons Tefal is equipped with the best steam function tissue. In some models, on the platform there are the hollows, which collect the steam, and creates a cushion of air. This technology allows the iron to slide well and saves your strength.

Model irons Brawn have a very comfortable ergonomic handle. Set in some irons this company comes with a special attachment that prevents the appearance of shiny patches on delicate fabrics.

Regardless, iron what company you watch, remember that you will use it very often. So you have to like its color, design. The handle material needs to prevent slipping on it. The buttons on the iron should have a convenient location. It is desirable that the cord was with ball mount, then it will not zalamyvaniya and confused. In short, the iron should be comfortable.