Choose a chicken breast is not difficult, if you know the basic rules. When buying meat, pay attention to its color – it should be homogeneous, without blood evidence. The elastic structure is a qualitative indicator of the breast. If you press your finger on the meat, long the trail disappears, then it was re-frozen. The product can be stored for no longer than 5 days at a temperature from 0 to +2 degrees. Otherwise it loses its usefulness. Pay attention to the smell, appearance and storage conditions of the product. These are the most important factors.

How to cook chicken breast

Chicken breast is the most tasty part of the diet of the hen. You can cook it in various ways. The main rule of which is – do not overdry, as this type of meat contains little fat. The dish turned out juicy and useful, add vegetable oil, sour cream, olive oil or other fat. To maintain the usefulness of meat cook it or bake it in the oven. From Breasts you can prepare the rolls with different fillings, delicious and nutritious soups, burgers and snacks. Chicken goes best with a variety of side dishes.

Garnish with a chicken breast

The chicken breast is well served with toppings. Most useful diet vegetable side dishes. For example, salad or Peking cabbage, mixed with fresh cucumbers, tomatoes and greens well suited to boiled or roasted chicken breast. Fill this salad with olive or sunflower oil. Bake in the oven sliced potatoes, courgettes, carrots, cabbage and tomatoes. Serve hot with chicken breast.

To prepare more nutritious garnish in salted boiling water, drop the asparagus and cook until tender. White asparagus is cooked for 10-15 minutes, and the green is 3-8 minutes. Any mess will be a good side dish for chicken breast. In salted water, lower rump and cook it until tender. Use as a side dish with pasta or spaghetti. To do this, cover them in boiling water and cook for 10-15 minutes after re-boil. Cooked pasta mixed with grated garlic and cheese. The most simple, standard and tasty side dish to meat is mashed potatoes.

Cook the peeled vegetable in salted water, then drain the soup and crush them with milk. Potatoes with a chicken breast can be served boiled, and fried. If the meat is boiled, garnish fit more calories. Roast breast best served with vegetables, seasoned with oil. Importantly, both the meat and the side dish was prepared with love.